If family history isn't fun,

you're doing it wrong.

Energizing Lectures

We retain more of what we learn when we're engaged. Andy and Devon Noel Lee have a reputation for "Show-Me" lectures that inspire, educate, and entertain. 


Occasionally, they'll even dress up for a session, such as wearing a bath robe while discussing how to "Find Strangers in Your Pajamas." 

Engaging Webinars

Through eConferences (5-hour live broadcasts) and eWorkshops (3-week, 2-hour live broadcasts) we're revolutionizing webinars in genealogy.


1. You'll see your presenter.

2. The open chat allows for your questions throughout the live stream. 


Practical How-To Books

Non-fiction how-to books should be heavy on learning, and light on fluff. Our books average around 100-pages for $10 and emphasize actionable steps to make genealogy enjoyable and help you find your niche in climbing your family tree.


Entertaining Videos

Andy, Devon Noel, and Caleb Lee post bite-sized videos on YouTube that focus on one topic, most often inspired by our viewers. 


Be prepared to binge watch on your favorite hobby! There are over 150 videos and counting!


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