Call for Presenters


Do you want to be a part of the webinar revolution?


Family History Fanatics is combining webinars as fundraisers for genealogical and historical societies. Occasionally we'll assemble an eConference that is a stand-alone event. 


We're looking for presenters who are willing to experiment with video during their webinars and would like to keep their presentation after the conference ends. 

Who knew webinars could be so fun?

Presenter Requirements


Speakers will provide a 60-minute lecture with a question and answer session. (The chat will be open to participants access throughout your entire presentation. Attendees enjoy speakers who incorporate questions during their session). 


Speakers will participate in an hour-long panel discussion at the last session of the event. This will allow for additional Q&A with attendees and for some unscripted genealogy fun. 


Speakers should plan on being on camera throughout their presentation. This usually requires a quad core processor in your computer, a 720p webcam or better, and a 4+ Mbps internet upload speed.


Platform Perks: The webinar platform allows speakers to run polls at any time during the conference, share videos, use a whiteboard overlay to draw on your slides, and cut between slide view and the full face with ease.


Speakers will do a practice session with Andrew Lee at least two weeks before an eConference to familiarize yourself with the platform. You'll also have access to the platform practice room to try things out on your own at any time. 

Presenters should plan on being onscreen throughout their presentations.

Presenters have access to cool tools like whiteboard overlay so you can 'draw' on your slides. 

An experience so fun, most past presenters can't wait for us to schedule another one.


30 days after the live event, speakers receive the video of their session. Family History Fanatics will not retain a copy, nor will the local society. 


If a speaker so chooses, Family History Fanatics will host your video in our Vimeo account and put links to purchase your webinar on our store page. You'll receive 70% of the proceeds of all purchases of your individual session.


Speakers Fee is Flexible


Speakers are guaranteed a $75 fee. 


HOWEVER, after the conference has a minimum number of participants, speakers will share in the additional profit. In short, the more registrations, the more you are paid.  

Past eConferences

Past Presenters Include:

  • Amy Johnson Crow

  • Randy Seaver

  • Tammy Hepps

  • Melissa Barker

  • Michael L. Strauss

  • Diane L Richard

  • Eric Wells

  • Lisa Toth Salinas

  • Victoria Woo

  • Melissa Finlay

Ready to Submit Your Proposals?

Presenters may submit up to 10 proposals on topics focused on methodology, records, organization, writing, or any topic related to researching family lines and recording their lives. 

Submit proposals at any time, but the following deadlines apply to conferences as we organize them throughout the year. 

Jan 1st for 1st Quarter  
Mar 2nd for 2nd Quarter
Jun 1st for 3rd Quarter 
Aug 31st for 4th Quarter

Proposal submissions will involve completing the form (Click Here) which will include presenter name, short bio, title, description, and webinar experience. A field to include a URL to a previous webinar or a 5-minute demo video is optional and helps in the evaluation. 

Previous webinar experience is not required. Ability to participate in a live webinar using a webcam and broadband internet is required.

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