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  • Downsizing With Family History in Mind (NEW RELEASE!)

  • DNA Q&A: Real Questions From Real People About Genetic Genealogy

  • Reimagine Family History

  • A Recipe for Writing Family History

  • Power Scrapbooking

  • Family History Scrapbooking Simplified

  • From Metal to Rhinestones: A Quest for the Crown

  • How to Fail English With Style

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Discover the process and the plans that can help you downsize while preserving your family history!

Book DNA_QA.jpg

Do you have questions about genetic genealogy? We have answers! 100+ pages of Q&A about DNA.

Book Reimagine.jpg

What should you be doing to capture and preserve your family history as you climb your family tree?

Book Powerscrap.jpg

Learn the process that will help you get caught up on years of photos and memories.

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Book Recipe.jpg

A fast and efficient way to write your histories about your ancestors, even if you have never met them.

Book FamilyHistory Scrapbook.jpg

What should you put in a scrapbook that will tell the story of your ancestors?

Book FailEnglishCove3Sm.jpg

English teachers say you'll need these assignments someday. Is it true? Let's go back to the past and find out.

Book FM2R.jpg

What happens when a metalhead tomboy decides to enter a beauty pageant?

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