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How to Creating Family History Videos that Pack a Punch - Webinar

Genealogy Webinar: How to create family history videos

No matter the video editing platform you use, you can tell a fantastic family story by creating family history videos. Don't create another boring slide show. Instead, use storytelling principles to create a video your family wants to watch again and again.

How to Create a Family History Video Webinar Description

Devon Noel Lee walks you through the process of creating a family history video following some simple steps.

  • Learn which video clips and photos to use.

  • Discover where to find royalty-free music and images.

  • Learn why pan and zoom are a video creator's secrete ingredient.

  • And discover the one try that turns a video from done to dramatic.

After you watch this video, you'll know exactly how to assemble an inspirational tribute for your family members. So much so, Devon's videos have made her family members tear up each time they are shown.

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