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Are You Overwhelmed Digitizing Your Family History?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with a mountain of family history and memories? Discover the resources to help you accomplish the goal of digitizing your family history.

The need to digitize your family history

Do you have trunks in attics full of documents, photos, videos, and audio cassettes that you haven’t preserved into a digital format yet?

Do you need to downsize your home but want to preserve your family history?

Digitizing your family treasures can increase the odds that your genealogical research efforts and legacy preservation. Otherwise, many of these items will end up in the trash if you don’t. How tragic is that?

What if you don’t know how to digitize your family history?

What should you do to digitize your family history when you lack the skills or have an overwhelming amount of material to process?

Consider outsourcing the digitization process. You will either going to pay with your time or your pocketbook. When you outsource the project, you will typically have better results.

Here are four resources that are genealogically focused and can help you get the job done.

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Larsen Digital offers a host of digitization services. They can digitize:

  1. slide at 2,000 or 4,000 dpi

  2. negatives at 2,000 or 4,000 dpi

  3. Reel-to-reel tapes, charged per inch of tape

  4. VHS and other film formats

You pay for your digitization services in an ala carte fashion.

Larsen digital can digitize your photos, audio cassette tapes, and various other media. Call them at 800-776-8357 Email: info@larsendigital.com


If you are have listed on the ExtremeGenes radio podcast, then you will know about Tom Perry at TMC, The MultiMedia Center in Utah.

Their services are also all carte pricing covering photos, slides, negatives, films, audio formats, and more.

If your material is moldy or damaged, TMC can help you out capture your treasures without you getting sick. Be warned there will be a higher price for such items.

If you don’t live in Salt Lake City, they will also refer you to a high-quality digitization service provider near your home.

Visit Tom’s website at transferduplication.com or give him a call at 801-483-1716 for more information.

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Legacy Republic charges a price based on what you can fit into a box, not based on a la carte fees. Additionally, a local representative will help you prepare your box for mailing.

With your consultant’s help, you will fill a box with the slides, negatives, cassettes, movies, and/or photos. You can put in four items into each entry-level box. One item equals:

  1. A VHS

  2. A mini DVD

  3. A reel-to-reel film may count as one or two items depending on the size.

  4. 50 slides

  5. 50 photos

  6. 50 negatives

You mix and match these items to create a combination of the four-item limit. Since prices change often, check their website for the latest fees.

If you have more materials to digitize, you will choose a larger box with different limits.

After filling your box, your local rep ship it off to the company. Then, the company will send you back a DVD and a cloud storage access code system. Contact Legacy Republic using their website Legacyrepublic.com.


Legacybox is very similar to like Legacy Republic, except without a local representative to help you fill your box. You fill a box with items you want to have digitized and mail it in. Legacybox process your items and send an archival DVD or an optional thumb job drive for your storage items.

Legacybox offers a variety of different types of boxes to handle your digitizing projects. You can only have a limit on the number of items you can fit in a box for the flat rate price. One item equals:

  1. 1 videotape (VHS, Betamax, MiniDV, and more)

  2. 1 film reel (8 mm and 16 mm)

  3. 1 audiotape (reel to reel, cassettes, and more)

  4. 25 photos

  5. 25 slides

  6. 25 negatives

You can start with a 2-item box for an economical price Visit their website at Legacybox.com

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Take the Overwhelm out of Digitizing Your Family History

You no longer need to stress out about digitizing your family history. Organize your material and outsource it.

Better yet, ask extended family members to chip in for the project or collect donations at a family reunion. You can even request this service for a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present.

After you have digitized your family history, you are well on your way to Downsizing With Family History in Mind. For more tips on downsizing, order our book from Amazon.

Discover the ways to avoid becoming overwhelmed when digitizing your family history media. #preservation #genealogy #homemovies

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