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Downsize and Be Inspired!


You have a home full of treasures and genealogical information. How do you filter through it all while preserving your family legacy? 

Downsizing with Family History in Mind will help you navigate the overwhelming process of sorting through your photos, keepsakes, documents, and more. You'll learn guiding principles to help you make the best long-term historical value decisions limited only by how much time you have before you need to decrease your clutter or household. 


You'll receive cheat sheets and action plans to help you have the most success with the least amount of stress. In the end, you will give your family history the best chance of surviving long after you are gone.

What do you do next?

One principle in Downsizing With Family History in Mind is to SHOWCASE your family history. But how do you do that? In the book, Family Metal to Rhinestones: A Quest for the Crown, can you see how you can preserve your memories, documents, photos, and treasures in a book that is now part of our family legacy.


In this book, Devon tells the story of how a clueless teenager who hates dresses and make-up suddenly decided to enter a beauty pageant and strive to win a rhinestone tiara. By including photos of her modeling sessions and pageant events along with digital images from program books and pageant entry forms, a room full of trophies, crowns, and sashes, Devon was able to downsize her possessions while preserving the memories and a few of the most valuable treasures - two crowns, a sash, and a photo album.


You'll be inspired to showcase your family legacy in a similar way.

Order both signed copies of the books for $25 US plus free shipping to US addresses. ​

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