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Virtual Events - The Most Engaging Genealogy Webinar Experience 


The Family History Fanatics virtual events bring fun and interactive learning to your home, around the world.  


Each eConference features four talented lecturers who will share their knowledge while you see them, their slides, and ask questions, or leave comments, throughout each session. No more disembodied voices!


Some eConferences benefit genealogical and historical societies and will be noted as such. For these eConferences, you'll be learning and helping to raise funds so these societies can continue their missions and initiatives. 

Making Plans for 2022

Mark your calendars for genealogy events to expand your knowledge and make you smile!

November - DNA Workshop - Intermediate DNA research skills

Jan - Winter of DNA Conference

Mar - Writing Workshop for Beginners

May - DNA Workshop for Beginners

Jun - Genealogy Research Conference

Jul - A Summer of DNA Conference

Sep  - Writer's Conference

Oct - Writing Workshop for Intermediate Writers

Nov - DNA Workshop for Intermediate Researchers

See the Difference in our eConferences

Scenes from past eConferences. See the difference?


  1. Presenters appear onscreen throughout their sessions either in full screen or thumbnails over the slides.

  2. Participate in live polls.

  3. Ask your questions throughout the sessions with an open chat for all to read and interact.

  4. Some presenters also take advantage of whiteboard technology!

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