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Family-Friendly Websites to Excite Children about Their Heritage

If you want to excite your children about their family history, you have to begin by increasing their knowledge of YOU and YOUR HERITAGE. Here are a few sites that you can use to gather ideas for activities you can do with your children or to visit with your children (or grandchildren) sitting beside you.

Kids National Geographic

Kid’s National Geographic

Learn About Places

On the Kid’s National Geographic website, children can learn the current form of government, population, language, and the currency used. Children can learn about geography, history, and the culture of states, and countries around the world. This site can serve as a spring

dMarie Time Capsule

dMarie Time Capsule

Learn About Dates

I found this site when creating scrapbooks for my children, dMarie TimeCapsule. Pick dates ancestors were born, married, or died and learn about what the headlines were, the top songs, television shows, and toys were for that day. Can add a lot of pop culture and news to help children learn about the past by connecting these facts with someone on their family tree.

History Channel - This Day History

This Day In History

More About Dates

I’m a HUGE fan of the History Channel and I love their This Day In History website with quick videos and short articles about past events that happened each day of the year.

Family Dinner Project

Family Dinner Project

Talk During Dinner

This website is not for children to use and explore, it’s for you to find conversation starters. The Family Dinner Project has so many ideas about getting children to talk, many of which can be twisted to talk about ancestors.

These are just a few of the useful websites that I have found to excite my children about their heritage. Granted, most of my heritage is Texas and Ohio, but there is a bit of Canadian and German in the mix.

Child at computer title how to ecite children about family history

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