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FamilySearch App: An Overview of Cool Mobile Features to Try

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The FamilySearch mobile app has a lot of cool features that you need to be using. You can track your research efforts, visualize your family, and place ancestor’s on a map. All this and more.

In this video, I show you how to use the “Map My Ancestors,” “My Contributions,” and “Fan Chart View.” I also showcase how to send messages to other users and add a Life Sketch.

VIDEO: Cool New Features on FamilySearch

Watch this video on YouTube.

There are a few minor differences between the Android and Apple platforms. To see a demonstration of the Appl platform, check out this video from RootsTech.

Fan Chart View in the FamilySearch Mobile App

  1. Use the mobile app menu to go to the “Settings.”

  2. Scroll through the options until you find the one for “Enable Fan Chart View.”

Once you have the fan chart toggled on, you can view your tree in this format. You can also ‘color code’ your fan chart to highlight research opportunities, countries of origin, ancestors with stories, and more.

To switch the center person in the fan chart, you have to navigate to the person page and then click “View This Tree.”

Map Your Ancestors in the FamilySearch Mobile App

The FamilySearch has a cool visual feature where it will map your ancestor’s major life events onto a modern Google Map.

From the FamilySearch mobile app menu, click on the option “Map My Ancestors.”

Begin navigating the map to explore the locations where your ancestors married, died or entered into the world.

If you find ‘odd’ locations, then click on the person’s life event. Perhaps you have a non-standard location in the place name.

“Map My Ancestors” placed ‘of Maryland” in Turkey. I need to remove that place reference before the place pin moves back into the United States.

This is a really cool feature to share with children and youth. Make geography more interesting by showing off which ancestors connected to that place.

Celebrate Your Genealogy Efforts with “My Contributions”

Open the FamilySearch mobile app menu and select “My Contributions.”

You’ll see a bar graph showing how much you have added to the FamilySearch platform.

Take notice of the sources, memories, and people you’ve added to the family tree.

DO NOT become discouraged. If you have ANYTHING in these views, you have something to celebrate. If you want to set a goal to add more to FamilySearch, you now have a visual goal tracker.

Additional Tasks Featured in this FamilySearch Mobile App Training Video

  1. How to Add a Life Sketch to an Ancestor

  2. Exploring the Family History Activities

  3. Sending Messages to Other FamilySearch Users

Enjoy Family History with the FamilySearch Mobile App

The free FamilySearch mobile app has so many cool features for the beginning to advanced user. Explore and enjoy the family history journey.

Try out the FamilySearch Mobile App, available from Google Play or the Apple Store.

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