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30 Days of Genealogy Videos - Happy Genealogy Vlogmas

Genealogy Vlogmas

In an effort to provide fun this holiday season, regardless of whether you're locking down again, or traveling. From 26 November to 25 December, the Family History Fanatics are releasing their second annual video countdown before Christmas

What is Genealogy Vlogmas?

In December 2011, YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen, began the Vlogmas tradition. A vlog is a video version of a blog. Combine that with Christmas and you have a daily video blog series before Christmas called vlogmas. Throw in genealogy education, and you have Genealogy Vlogmas.

This is the second year of the Family History Fanatics counting down to Christmas. Sadly, fan favorites Phil and Bambi are suffering from virtual covid and won't be joining us this season.

Instead, you get videos to help you understand DNA, learn how to climb your family tree, and make sure you capture your memories along the way.

Genealogy Vlogmas Schedule

The countdown begins on Thanksgiving with all videos premiering at 2 PM Eastern, except on Sundays.

If you've signed up for the Family History Fanatics newsletter, you'll get a reminder at the beginning of the week about the videos. Or, you can opt into the daily reminders for Genealogy Vlogmas Only.

If you miss a video, you can catch up here on YouTube. (Private videos are those that will soon go live.)

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