Genetic Genealogy

What is Genetic Genealogy and Why Is It Important?

Genetic genealogy is the practice of using DNA to determine and study the relationship between people. It can be used to determine relationships between both living and dead people. If you want to confirm you are the cousin of a particular person or if you are related to someone who made a huge impact in history, genetic genealogy can help you do it.

There are several reasons that people send DNA into a genealogy company, some of which include:

Validate Heirs

Sometimes, a person has to prove that they are a particular person in order to receive their inheritance or to prove that someone else is not the heir. Lawyers and estate planners may also utilize these services to help locate unknown heirs.

Validate Land Ownership

With some land ownership cases, a person needs to prove her or she is a descendant to establish or maintain land ownership.

Find Birth Parents and Siblings

Adopted children sometimes wish to track down their birth families. A genealogy company can help, especially if any of the birth family’s DNA is in the system.

Determine Medical Conditions

Knowing the enemy you might face is the best way to prevent or avoid it. By using genetic genealogy, a person can learn what types of medical conditions run through their family so that they can work to prevent them.

Family Legacy

Some people simply love to learn about their ancestors for personal reasons or to be able to pass them onto their children. It can be a source of confidence to know exactly where you come from.

There are many reasons one might choose to reach out to a genetic genealogy research company to learn about their family history. No matter what your reason, when you are ready to do the same, be sure you contact a reputable company for the best results.

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