Genetic Genealogy Tips And Techniques

4 Genetic Genealogy Tips and Techniques

Learning your genealogy can be both intimidating and exciting. The following tips and techniques can help you get started.

Get Organized

As you start sifting through old records, getting results, and researching different parts of your genealogy, you will end up with a ton of information. Before you even begin, have something that you can keep all of this information in.

Whether it is for physical copies or digital ones, having a centralized location to keep up with your research can smooth your path a bit. And keep a running list of any interesting sites or sources so you can revisit them at a later time.

Know What You Are Looking For

What exactly is your goal for digging into your ancestry? Do you need it for medical purposes? A school project? To locate your family? Just to know where you came from?

Or is it a mix of goals, like you need it for medical purposes but you also want to know your genealogy for personal gratification? No matter what your goal- or goals- is, being clear about what you are looking for from the beginning can help you find the right resources to do it.

Be Prepared

What if you have been told your whole life that you come from a line of royalty, but when you dig in, you find out you are a descendant of a low-class blacksmith? What if an affair is the reason you are here today?

The truth is that fantasy is almost always better than reality, so if you choose to dig into your past, you need to prepare yourself. You never know what you might find until you get there.

There is a chance, though, that you find out something wonderful about your family, so it may be very worth it. None of this should prevent you from looking. Just be aware that you might find something much different than you expect.

Use More Than One Source

Never rely on just one source. You can start your search with one genealogy company so you have a jumping-off spot, but don’t limit yourself.

Take any information you get from one source to dig into as many other online genealogy resources as you can. Doing so should bring you pieces from several sources, giving you a much clearer overall picture of your past.

Thanks to technology, there are so many offline and online genealogy resources available. Use the genetic genealogy tips and techniques listed above for a successful start, and keep yourself open to a variety of avenues that can help you learn about your ancestry.


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