28 Days of Genealogy Fun

Join us for 28 Days of Genealogy Fun on YouTube with your favorite cast of characters and educators from Family History Fanatics. You should laugh and learn and then share all the fun using the hashtag #28DaysGenealogy.

Here’s the schedule:

The links go live on the day posted. Stay tuned for more links.

  1. 28 November – Save Your Sanity: Upload Multi-photo Documents to FamilySearch Without Going Crazy

  2. 29 November – Behind the Scenes of Family History Fanatics

  3. 30 November – A New Genealogist Thinks All Genealogy is at a Library (Comedy)

  4. 1 December – Newbie’s Guide to Navigating the FamilySearch Website

  5. 2 December – Clueless Genealogist Messes Up Family Tree by Thinking People with the Same Name are One Person (Comedy)

  6. 3 December – Can You Genetically Recreate Your Ancestor Using Only One Parent’s DNA?

  7. 4 December – Newbies Genealogist Tackle Genealogy Vocabulary and Get More Confused (Comedy)

  8. 5 December – Family Historians Explain Why You Should Go To ROOTSTECH 2020

  9. 6 December – Ultimate Way to Pay It Forward in Genealogy – Indexing Tutorial

  10. 7 December – Mistaken Researcher Thinks All Research Is Online (Comedy)

  11. 8 December – 5 Charts That Visually Organize Family Trees with Ease

  12. 9 December – Clueless Researcher Thinks Her Ancestor’s Name Changed at Ellis Island (Comedy)

  13. 10 December – Using Google Sheets to Map Relationships

  14. 11 December – Hilarious Review of Ancestry’s Legal Mumbo Jumbo That You’re Not Reading (Comedy)

  15. 12 December – 5 Tips To Access the Best Genealogy Training on YouTube

  16. 13 December – Your Thoughts on the Latest DNA Controversy with GEDmatch

  17. 14 December – Foolish Researcher Believes Three Brothers Came to America Legend (Comedy)

  18. 15 December – How to Delete A Person on FamilySearch (or Not)

  19. 16 December – Silly Woman Believes She’s Related to Royalty Because a Family Tree Says So (Comedy)

  20. 17 December – A Brief Look at Paternal Haplogroups

  21. 18 December – Party Games To Play With A DNA Centimorgan Chart (Comedy)

  22. 19 December – 5 Must-Follow Tips For a Successful Genealogy Research Trip

  23. 20 December – The Most Under-Utilized Resource on FamilySearch and You’re Not Progressing In Your Research

  24. 21 December – Nutty Researcher Thinks His Grandmother’s Name is UNK (Comedy)

  25. 22 December – Stop Making This Mistake on FamilySearch – No More Unknowns!

  26. 23 December – Two Crazy Researchers Explore Santa’s Family Tree (Comedy)

  27. 24 December – A Brief Look at Maternal Haplogroups

  28. 25 December – Confused Researcher Doesn’t Understand Endogamy in Genealogy (Comedy)

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