Join the Worldwide Indexing Challenge #ABatchADay

FamilySearch Indexing a Batch a Day Challenge

Join the worldwide indexing challenge that is so simple. Anyone can participate.

Join other genealogists around the world and me as we do “A Batch a Day!” This 7-Day genealogy record indexing challenge runs from Sunday, April 26 to Saturday, May 2, 2020.

People of all ages can provide invaluable service to helping others worldwide connect to their legacy and heritage. In just a few moments, you can turn historical records into searchable content.

What is FamilySearch Indexing?

FamilySearch Indexing is the largest and most successful volunteer transcription program in history.

Indexing involves participants viewing digitally scanned documents from around the world, keying in important genealogical details, and making these records searchable using the FamilySearch platform.  Family historians can quickly access these documents to find their ancestors and build their family tree.

Here’s an oldie but goodie video explaining Indexing:

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Every researcher who accepts a record hint on the free FamilySearch genealogy website has an indexer to thank for making those quick discoveries possible. 

Thanks to the FamilySearch web browser-based indexing program, it is easier than ever to participate. Users do not need to download any software. Anyone with a device that can connect to the URL can participate.

How To Participate in the #ABatchADay Indexing Challenge

  1. Anyone with a free account can participate.

  2. Children under the age of 13 need parental approval (or to use their parent’s account.)

  3. You will need a computer or tablet and an internet connection to access the indexing website.

  4. Each day from April 26 -- May 2, 2020, choose one record batch to index.

  5. After completing the batch, share which collection you indexed with the hashtag #ABatchADay and #FamilySearch in the social post. 

FamilySearch does not officially sponsor this challenge. It is a grass-roots challenge organized by family history fanatics from around the globe.

Need Indexing Training to Participate in the #ABatchADay Challenge?

If you have never indexed before, I have assembled a few resources to help you get up to speed.

It’s fun. It’s easy. It’s vital to help make genealogy easier for individuals around the world.

Additional Indexing Training:

  1. The Family History Guide for Indexing

  2. BYU Family History Library: FamilySearch WEB Indexing Tutorial

Special Indexing Challenge Request

Although you may choose from projects of interest from all over the world, those with volunteers with non-English language skills are particularly needed at this time.

In addition to records in English, records in the following 15 languages need volunteers:

  1. Croatian

  2. Czech

  3. Danish

  4. Dutch

  5. French

  6. German

  7. Hungarian

  8. Italian

  9. Japanese

  10. Norwegian

  11. Polish

  12. Portuguese

  13. Russian

  14. Spanish

  15. Swedish.

Join Me In This Indexing Challenge

I hope you’ll join other genealogists and me worldwide to increase the available searchable records to fuel family history discoveries.

My friend Amy Archibaldsaid it best “A Batch a Day, Keeps the Hints On the Way.”

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