Big Changes at Family History Fanatics

Big changes at Family History Fanatics

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that changes can be beneficial. For the Family History Fanatics, we hope that is the case.

After four years as a YouTuber, we have to listen to that audience and make some changes.

YouTube Wants Only Genealogy Research and DNA Videos

YouTube strives to provide a positive user experience. Unfortunately, the platform's nature means that content that people praise when they find it invariably is overshadowed by the most frequently viewed content on our YouTube Channel.

If you've watched the Top Ten Genealogy Videos and Top Ten DNA Videos, you know that writing and scrapbooking do not perform well on the Family History Fanatics channel.

Thus, we need to make a change.

Writing and Scrapbooking Content Will Move to Our Facebook Page

As we've studied all of our options, we could either start a new YouTube channel focused on writing or scrapbooking, or we can use another platform where we already have an audience.

For now, our best option is to utilize Facebook for posting our writing and scrapbooking content.

Beginning in February, we will begin sharing videos and doing livestreams on our Facebook page. These videos will focus primarily on the memory preservation side of the umbrella of genealogy. We will likely add some of our old writing and scrapbooking content so that you can find them in one place.

FHF Xtra Writing Webinars and Livestreams will remain on YouTube.

To ensure that you receive the notifications to help you find our latest writing content, be sure to sign up for these emails.

Blog posts will also go live to help you find the Facebook content, so please check out our Writing and Scrapbooking Archives.

Weekly Tips to Improve Your Genealogy Skills

Would you like to receive a quick family history tip in your inbox?

Beginning in March, you can begin receiving a weekly family history tip in the following categories. They should be a quick read and perhaps a link to content from our content that you might have missed.

The weekly tip emails currently available include:

  • family history writing

  • beginning genealogy research

  • intermediate genealogy research

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Will You Support Our Changes?

Change is hard, but we have to work with the platforms we have. We hope you'll help us continue offering the content that Devon is most passionate about - capturing and preserving family stories.

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