Spare 15-minutes to Digitize Your Family Treasures

Your family history resides in the treasures of your home and if you don’t take time to preserve the memories you can lose your legacy. Learn how you can spare 15-minutes to digitize your family treasures.

Why you should find time to preserve your family treasures?

In 2008, a massive flood submerged parts of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. As waters rose in a friend’s neighborhood to a 500-year flood stage, she had time to save food, clothing, and a few other essentials. Her family and animals survived but when she returned home, she was in for a shock.

My friend didn’t think the flood would fill her basement. When the waters receded, she soon realized that her high school treasures were waterlogged. Salvaging these soggy, smelly treasures was impossible. Had she digitized her photos and photographed her memorabilia, she would have retained some of those treasures even though the physical items were unrecoverable.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Preserve Now Your Family Treasures Now

Disasters ranging from natural disasters such as flood, fire, hurricane, and tornado to divorce, death, and downsizing can cause your family history, hidden in your treasures, to be lost forever. Preserve now and rest easy knowing that you make lose the physical object, but you won’t loose the memories.

Additionally, when you preserve your family treasures by creating digital images, audio files, and videos, you can keep less stuff! (gasp).

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As family historians, we are in the habit of saving things from the past. But when we keep too much stuff that we don’t need, we add more stress and unnecessary cleaning to our lives. Who wants that?

Begin now to photograph the sentimental keepsakes stored in your homes or storage units. Scan homework, essays, or poems that you wrote when you were a teenager.

Soon, you’ll discover you don’t really need to keep those dusty, molding notebooks anymore once you have them in digital formats.

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Digitizing Tasks You Can Do in 15-Minutes

Over the course of a month or year, use this list of 15-minute tasks that help you digitize your family treasures

  1. Photograph 3 items of memorabilia (For tips on how read these posts)

  2. Set-up a cassette to record overnight

  3. Break up audio recordings into 5-minute chunks

  4. Scan a batch of 10 print photographs

  5. Quickly touch up of an old photo using Photoshop Element’s “Guided” Enhancements

  6. Create a photo book from loose photos (using Shutterfly, Mixbook)

  7. Back up digital files of historical value

  8. Use the FamilySearch Memories app to add a photo, story, record an audio clip

  9. Order a LegacyBox or LegacyRepublic Box

  10. Mail off your VHS, reel-to-reel, or cassette tapes to TMC

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