How to Add Family History to Your Next Road Trip

Google MyMaps for Family History Road Trips

Are you planning a family road trip this summer? Melissa Finlay, from, shared how easy it is to add family history stops to your next road trip using Google My Maps.

In this video, Melissa shares how she accesses the feature on Google Maps (

VIDEO: How to add family history to your next road trip

Watch this video on YouTube.

Access Google My Maps in the Google Maps Menu #familyhistory #roadtrip

Access Google My Maps in the Google Maps Menu. Be sure you’re signed in!

Add Family History Stops to Google My Maps

You have probably used Google Maps to navigate your way to your destination or to find nearby restaurants. Did you know that Google Maps has a My Maps feature where you can create customized maps?

You need to create the map using your desktop or laptop, but then you can access it on any device.

To begin, select: -- Menu -- Your places -- Maps (tab) -- Create Map

Then you’ll select your starting and ending points of your trip after you click on the icon “Add Directions.”

In these still images, I chose Houston, Texas to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I then added Kentucky Town, Texas as this area was the focus of my Research Over My Shoulder video series (you can watch it here).

Creating a Google My Map for a family history road trip.

Creating a Google My Map for a family history road trip.

Add Known Family History Places of Interest to Your Maps

Once I had the basic route outlined, I added places of interest:

  1. churches

  2. cemeteries

  3. high schools

You can also add businesses, homes, and more to your map.

Google My Map Filled With Family History attractions and a possible additional stop. #genealogy #familyvacation #roadtrip

Google My Map filled with family history attractions and a possible historical stop.

Add Historical Experiences to Your Road Trip

I then added stops for historical museums after searching for “historical museums near Sherman, Texas.”

Adding these stops can follow Melissa’s advice to add exposure to “the history and culture of the area that’s something a little more interactive for the children to learn about the way things would have been when our ancestors were living there.

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Where will you go on your next road trip?

On your road trip, you have to stop for gas, switching drivers, and resting. With a little advance planning and Google My Maps, you can incorporate family history into these stops.

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