Family History Fanatics at RootsTech 2020

Every year, thousands of genealogists flood to Salt Lake City, Utah, for the RootsTech conference. The Family History Fanatics will once again attend RootsTech, and we have a ton of educational experiences awaiting you. Join us!

Prepare Before You Go to RootsTech

We released three videos preparing you for the RootsTech experience. Have you watched them? If not, stop what you’re doing and go watch these videos.

  1. RootsTech 2020 -- Survival Guide for a Great Experience

  2. Why Attend Go To RootsTech 2020

  3. 5 Must-Follow Tips For a Successful Genealogy Research Trip

Did you watch the videos?

Are you prepared?

Let’s do this!

Join the Family History Fanatics Workshops. This year Devon is out of her wheelchair, doesn’t have a cane, and can be onstage! She’s celebrating over a year of being cone cancer free!

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Family History Fanatics Classes at RootsTech

Join Andy and Devon Noel Lee as these teach classes as part of the regular RootsTech conference pass and workshops (each carries an additional fee). For a full class description or to register for labs, visit

  1. Wednesday 8:00 AM -- Create a Surname Table for Organization, Research, and DNA Discoveries featuring Devon Noel Lee in lab 259-LAB. ($)

  2. Wednesday 11:00 AM -- Forget What You Have Been Told and Do Something featuring Andrew Lee in Room: 255 C.

  3. Thursday 8:00 AM -- Quickly and Easily Write About An Ancestor Now! featuring Devon Noel Lee in lab 259-LAB. ($)

  4. Thursday 1:30 PM -- GEDmatch for Beginners featuring Andrew Lee in lab 259-LAB. ($)

  5. Friday 3:00 PM -- Five Simple Steps for Writing the Story of You featuring Devon Noel Lee in room 250.

  6. Saturday 8:00 AM -- GEDmatch for Beginnersfeaturing Andrew Lee in lab 259-LAB. ($)

  7. Saturday 1:30 PM -- Quickly and Easily Write About An Ancestor Now! featuring Devon Noel Lee in lab 258-LAB. ($)

Don’t worry about memorizing this schedule, we have a downloadable guide available right here.

Family History Fanatics Expo Hall Mini-Sessions

If you can’t attend our sessions, surely you can squeeze one of our mini-sessions in the Expo Hall into your schedule.

Thursday 12:00 PM (30 min.) at the MyHeritage booth #705 5 Ways to Use Filters and Sorting to Analyze DNA Matches

Thursday 4:00 PM (15 min.) at the MyHeritage booth #705 3 Reasons to Love Theories of Family Relativity

Saturday 12:00 PM (30 min.) at the DNA Basics booth #1325 Understanding Half Relationships Using LEGO

Join us at the Genealogy Gems booth!

Join us at the Genealogy Gems Booth at RootsTech

Join us on the Red Carpet at Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems’ booth, # 1402, for the live podcast featuring Andy Lee.

Friday at 6:00 PM -- Andy Lee discusses DNA questions and answers

Arrive a few minutes early to enter for special prize drawings, including a DNA kit that will be given away at the end of the podcast interview.

In addition to the podcast, you can visit with the Family History Fanatics at the Genealogy Gems booth throughout RootsTech week.

You can purchase the following titles during Expo Hall hours.

  1. A Recipe For Writing Family History

  2. Downsizing With Family History in Mind (Featured in Genealogy Gems Episode 234)

  3. DNA Q&A: Real questions from real people about genetic genealogy

  4. Reimagine Family History

  5. Power Scrapbooking (limited copies)

  6. Family History Scrapbooking. (limited copies)

You’ll likely find at least one us for autograph signings during the lunch hour break (11 AM -- 2 PM) or the evenings (5:30 PM to closing) each day.

Join the Family History Fanatics at the Genealogy Gems Booth at RootsTech!

Enter the front doors of the Expo Hall, turn to your right, and then you’ll notice the booth spaces #1303 & 1402 with Lisa’s signature red carpet.

Bonus RootsTech Planning Worksheet from Family History Fanatics

Be sure to download the RootsTech app from your favorite app stores (Apple, Google). This will keep you up-to-date with any last-minute changes to the schedule.

However, if you would like to view a visual schedule colorized by the topic category, download our RootsTech 2020 Planner.

Alright. That’s about it. Can’t wait to see you in Salt Lake City. Until then, be inspired to explore the family history journey with the following video.

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