How to Follow Blogs and Videos in One Place With Feedly

The internet is filled with great content that can help us laugh, learn, and so much more, but I have wondered if it were possible to follow blogs and YouTube videos in one place. Yes! Feedly is the answer.

In this video, I show you how to find the RSS Feed URL for a YouTube channel, such as Family History Fanatics, and how you can add that link to a feed reader, such as Feedly.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Soon you’ll be able to access your favorite blogs and YouTube videos from one place! This is a life-hack that you’ll be thrilled to use.

Why I Use a Feed Reader to Follow Genealogy Blogs and YouTube Channels

I LOVE YouTube videos and reading blog posts about genealogy but following my favorite channels and writers has become a pain in the neck.

I can’t rely on Social Media to remind me when a new video or post is released. Not all channels and blog authors have mailing lists to notify me of new releases.

I searched for a year to find a solution only to discover the answer involves, a tool I’ve used since Google Reader ended in 2013!

Te Feedly feed reader allows us to YouTube channels alongside blogs. If I don’t log into Feedly for a week, I can see up to 15 of the latest videos so I never miss another episode! How cool is that?

But first I had to figure out how to find the RSS Feed for a YouTube Channel.

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Finding an RSS feed for YouTube

Finding the RSS feed is a little difficult, but the video linked above simplifies the process.

I did need to find the foundation for the URL formula for the YouTube RSS feed. It looks like this:

Then I need to add the channel ID for a YouTube Channel, such as this one for Family History Fanatics UCmkKepHoafldMRZ4UNt0Akw

When I put the channel ID with the RSS Feed Url base, I’ll have a link that looks like this:

Don’t click on that link as it’s a bunch of code. Instead, copy it and put it in Feedly (or info reader) and you can then opt-in to following the YouTube channel.

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