Lessons Learned from Creating an Age at Death Pedigree Chart

Warning: My nerdy genealogist’s side is coming out. I have seen people create a cause of death tree before. I haven’t wanted to create a similar tree for reasons I can’t determine.

However, after writing “Mixed Feeling About A Completed Pedigree”, I was curious about something else. I wanted to know how old my ancestors were when they died. Not only that, how old was their child I’m descended from when they died?

I created this chart. I’ve listed my ancestors and their ages when they died. On the slanted connecting lines, I listed the age of the child when their parent’s passed away.

Age of Death Pedigree Chart

Age of Death Pedigree Chart

After doing these experiments, it shows me how finite life can be. I had my parents longer than my mother’s ancestors had their parents (with the exception of Mom’s mother) but not as long as my dad’s family had their parents. My father’s family generally lived longer lives, more so than my mother’s.

What’s stands out to me is that both Robert Geiszler and George Geiszler were overweight throughout their life. We often talk about how obesity kills folks early in life. Yet look how great-grandpa and grandpa Geiszler lived relatively long lives, despite being overweight.

Who knows what the chart will look like when I join my ancestors across the great divide? However, for the sake of my children and grandchildren, I hope to have my numbers be as large as possible.

Read what I learned about my potential longevity by creating a 'cause of death' pedigree chart about my ancestors. #genealogy #ancestors #healthhistory

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