Meet-Ups at RootsTech 2019

Conference meetups are fun ways to connect and belong. RootsTech featured many meet-ups, some we attended and some we missed with a sad heart. Did you attend any while at RootsTech 2019?

Genealogy Business Alliance Meet-Up

The Genealogy Business Alliance meet-up is special as a business owner. Andy and I can connect with vendors, away from the sales floor, and talk shop. This year the location wasn’t the planner’s first choice and shouldn’t be chosen next year.

Genealogy Business Alliance Meet Up

Photo from GBA Facebook Group

The lounge lacked enough seating but more importantly access to ‘fast’ food. With bellies clamoring for sustenance, Andy and I left earlier than planned. McDonald’s provided fast food for our fatigued bodies.

NextGen Genealogy Meet-Up

The NextGen Genealogy Meet-Up took place on Thursday night at 7:30 pm. I didn’t realize this meet up was at the same hotel but an hour later than the GBA meet-up. We wanted food so we went there instead.

NextGen Meet Up

Would love to have joined NextGen for this photo.

MyHeritage Breakfast

MyHeritage knows how to spoil genealogy influencers. Andy and I appreciated the honored to attend their breakfast on Friday morning. The food was wonderful and healthy.

The food was delicious and I was able to catch up with my friends Melanie McComb and Jill Ball. Andy enjoyed playing with the MyHeritage pens.

Our tablemates were awesome. They included Linda Stufflebean, Sam Williams, the cemetery guy whose name I always forget, and Jill Ball. Did I forget anyone? Gosh, I hope not. (I should have taken the picture I had wanted to!)

We also sat with a MyHeritage employee over the Customer Service call center. She opened our eyes to the impact DNA has on relationships and psyche. The impact is very different across cultures and MyHeritage had to have the training to handle the global reaction. MyHeritage can be the first and only conversation that folks, who discover shocking news from the DNA, have. They’re not trained psychiatrists but then wanted to do good and hopefully prevent folks from taking a jump off a cliff.

MyHeritage Discusses Their New Announcements

Daniel Horowitz Discusses Their New MyHeritage Announcements

MyHeritage shared a number of their new announcements, which I’ll cover in another video or blog post. When we left, they gifted us terrific swag. We received their travel pillows in the previous year so we gave our pillows to our RootsTech Pass winners. They were thrilled with the exclusive swag and can now match us!!!

Rocking the New Headgear from MyHeritage

Rocking the New Headgear from MyHeritage

We appreciated the head caps as the temperature in Salt Lake City decided to drop rapidly Friday night.

GenChat Roving Photographer

Jena Mills, aka Seeking Surnames on Twitter, was tasked with the job of taking photos of folks who join the #genchat conversations every other Friday.

Jenna Mills with the #Genchat sign at RootsTech

Jenna Mills with the #Genchat sign at RootsTech

She carried the #Genchat sign and photographed a number of folks, including me. I decided to have a little fun.

Why not right? What do you think? Too crazy?

Then, using social media, a few followers / genchatters said, “Where are you? I want to meet-up.” I made myself available and I was blessed to meet Dante Eubanks. He’s a giant of a man.

Meeting Dante Eubanks!!!

Catching up with Dante Eubanks, a fellow #genchatter

Just kidding he’s really really tall and super friendly. He then mentioned that he couldn’t find Jenna Mills and wanted to meet up. So I went to Twitter and let her know.

Dante Eubanks and Jen Baldwin

What a treat for Dante to meet up with Jen Baldwin as well as Jenna Mills!!!

They eventually caught up and took this photo. (Sometimes you need to get on Social Media during a conference to find your friends!!)

Jenna captured a ton of great photos of my #genchat friends. Here’s one of my friend Lisa Lisson, from Are You My Cousin.

Lisa Lisson is a genchat model.

Lisa Lisson is a genchat model.

Geneablogger Photos

Since 2016, I have been busy during the Geneabloggers Meet-up. It’s always during Friday during lunch and I’ve either been teaching, standing in line for lunch, or manning a booth. This year, I suggested an early bird meet-up before the Power Hour.

Anyone for an early morning meetup?

I was ready to meet any early risers. I guess I’m the only one. No worries.

Sadly, the only people who met up were Me, Myself, and I. One friend confused the dates, otherwise, she was going to be there. Oh well, you never know unless you try.

This year, I thought I would miss the photo once again but something funny happened. Some Geneabloggers were on the lookout for me. Just outside the Media Hub, I was having lunch with my neighbor from Iowa. We were wrapping up and I was ready to move on to my next activity when Cheri Passey said, ”Come on. We’re doing the photo.” Aww! Thanks, my friend.

Geneablogger Meet Up

The Geneablogger meet-up! Do you see my friend Jennifer rocking the pageant pose I taught her? She’s third from the right, in the front row and wearing turquoise. Where’s Devon? Find the tall man in the back row middle. I’m right in front of him.

So, this year I made the photo. Some friends said they missed it. Sometimes I think we need to hold cardboard cutouts of our friends who are at RootsTech but miss the photo op. That way they are there even though they are in line, teaching, or doing something else.

Whew! That’s a Lot of Meet-Ups

I haven’t even shared the Meet-Ups that happened with fans. I’m saving that for a special highlights post. Did I miss any other meet-ups that happened? Should I plan a Family History Fanatics Fan Club meet up at future conferences? Let me know.

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