Breathe New Life Into Old Family Photos with MyHeritage In Color™

MyHeritage users colorized over a million black and white photos during Valentine’s weekend using the MyHeritage in Color™ tool. You should give it a try. (That is if you haven’t already.)

In the video shown below, I walk you through the process of

  1. uploading your photos to the MyHeritage Media Library (and avoid the mistake I made numerous times.)

  2. colorizing your historical family photos

  3. deleting photos from MyHeritage

  4. tagging photos for quick reference and search

  5. organizing photos into photo albums.

Warning: You’ll soon lose hours of your day transforming your family photos and breathing new life into your past.

What is MyHeritage in Color™?

MyHeritage In Color™ is an automated photo colorization technology licensed by MyHeritage from DeOldify. With the click of a button and a few moments, your photos uploaded to the MyHeritage media gallery will return colorized versions of black and white and sepia-toned images.

The tool, which works much like a filter in any photo editing app, was developed by DeOldif. They analyzed and converted millions of photos from around the world to create a powerful yet easy technology.

The press release says, “The results are more realistic and of superior quality to those generated by other automatic colorization tools currently available.”

Your original photos remain untouched after you select the colorization button (see video below).

You can then download the colorized version of your image.

If you have old family photos, even faded ones, MyHeritage In Color™ will work. No previous photo editing skills required!

Watch this video on YouTube.

Examples of Colorizing My Family Photos

I’ll share just a few of the colorized photos that I played with. (There are more in the video, so be sure to watch it all.

Original photo of Earl Wiggins, Sam Barton, Lawrence Geren, George Geiszler about 1925

Colorized photo of Earl Wiggins, Sam Barton, Lawrence Geren, George Geiszler about 1925

Wow! My grandfather is in the center. George looks so much more human and real.

I mean. Great-grandpa was human. He was real.

But now, he looks amazing

Original photo of a mystery woman who knew Evaline Peak’s family. (That’s the Peak family dog.)

Colorized photo of mystery black woman who knew Evaline Peak’s family.

I have a great wish while looking at the colorized photo. If only I knew the identity of this woman, then I could share it with her family.


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Original photo of a mystery couple. They are somehow connected with Evaline Townley Peak Geiszler

Colorized photo of a mystery couple connected with Evaline Geiszler

What to do with colorized photos from MyHeritage In Color™?

For subscribers to MyHeritage, you can colorize any and all photos you can get your hands on. Just be sure to eat, bathe, and do a little house cleaning at times.

For those without a MyHeritage subscription, you can try the tool using this direct link. You can colorize a few photos for free until you receive a prompting to register for an account.

After playing our photos, we need to flip through Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills to find the correct source citation for a colorized digital photo. [Affliate link]

Aye yi yi!

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If you have colorized family photos using MyHeritage In Color™ and have posted them to a blog post, drop a link below.

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