Quick Photo Book Ideas for Memory Keeping

Quick photos books to capture your memories

Memory Keeping when you’re a busy mom of young ones underfoot, tweens that you chauffeuring all over, or some combination of the two while keeping a house clean and a job paying the bills is a challenge that’s rarely accepted.

But, no need! There are many solutions to memory keeping, you just need to find the one that works for you.

Instant Photo Books

Many photo-sharing sites can snag 20-60 photos from your photostream and create a book for you. These books are usually softcover and cheap.

Mixbook Mosiac books for quick family history books

Mosaic by Mixbook

You can order these books with 20-60 of your favorite photos throughout the year or after a particular event. Several popular services are:

  1. Chat Books

  2. Mixbook

  3. Simple Prints

  4. Blurb

  5. Google Photos Books

Chatbooks for quick family history books

Chatbooks for Instagram or Facebook photos

Even if you don’t have children in your home, your life is busy, and your need to preserve your memories should be a high priority. Make time to capture and preserve your memories and save your family!

You May Have to Write After Printing

Some of these books are starting to include captions on the picture pages. Hooray! But chances are you’ll have photos with a story to go with them and no place to add your thoughts (or a larger story than space allows). I have a solution for that.

Order Zig Millennium Markers from Amazon!

Many instant books are cheap and thus aren’t durable. So, take advantage of that economic price and mark them up!

No. Not just with toddler drawings on random pages, like my kids LOVED to do. (Thank goodness they’ve outgrown that phase). But, mark up these instant books with details.

Stick the Zig Millennium Markers and your books in your favorite on-the-go bag (diaper bag, purse, computer bag, beach bag, Wal-Mart shopping bag.. we’re not judging). When you have free time or need a quiet family activity, pull out the books, and add the context to the photos.

Now you have a keepsake that has the photo, the story, and your family member’s individual handwriting sample. You can keep the books in a diaper bag, purchase or mini-van!

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Get Photos Off Your Computer And Into Your Hands

You probably have thousands of photos on your camera and don’t want the hassle of organizing them in photo albums. With quick photo books, you can be organized, keep the stories with the photos, and be a family history superhero in a matter of minutes.

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