How to Write a Family History Wedding Story

Do you feel like you can’t write the stories of your ancestors? Well, you need to stop that kind of thinking right now! You can. Let’s start with a simple wedding story case study.

Let’s look at the bare basics of a wedding story I wrote for my 2nd great-grandparents Robert and Adeline Zumstein of Ontario, Canada.

Robert W. & Adeline (Snyder) Zumstein
Robert Walter Zumstein and Adeline Snyder were married on 21 Aug 1894 on a farm near Smithville in Wellandport, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada. They are the parents of several children including my great grandfather Robert Victor Zumstein.
Adeline, the daughter of John Snyder and Caroline I. E. Lane, was born on 6 Jan 1870 in Smithville, Lincoln, Ontario.
Robert, the son of Heinrich Zumstein and Catherine Hedrick, was born 14 Aug 1868, Gainsborough, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada.
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So, that’s a great start, but by applying the principles I have shared about writing a simple marriage story, I now have this story.

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German Immigrants to Canada Henry Zumstein and Catherine Hedrick had six children between the years 1858 and 1876. Robert Walter was their fourth child and second son. As Robert approached adulthood, two sisters died, and one brother left the Zumstein home to start his own family.
Thus, in 1893 Robert became the eldest son in the home of his 60-year-old father’s farming home. His mother Catherine was still living, while his siblings Matilda, 30, and John, 22 remaining at home. John was interested in his studies, which eventually lead to him becoming a doctor that served the area. At 25, the bulk of the farm work rested on his shoulders while his parents and sister contributed their collective livelihood.
The burden of farm life became easier with a wife by his side. On 21 Aug 1894, Robert married Adeline Snyder on a farm near Smithville, Wellandport, Lincoln, Ontario. Adeline, the daughter of John Snyder and Caroline I. E. Lane, was born on 6 Jan 1870 in Smithville, Lincoln, Ontario. The couple, Robert aged 26 and Adeline aged 24, returned to the Zumstein homestead to continue farming the family property.
In the spring of 1895, Matilda would marry Joseph Clark, and they would move to their own home. Also in 1895, John completed his doctor’s qualifications in South Grimsby, Lincoln. When he would move out of the house is uncertain. The number of adults in the Zumstein farmhouse would decrease, but Robert and Adeline’s brood would soon grow.
Two years into their marriage, Robert Victor Zumstein was born on 26 December 1896. He shares his birthday with Robert’s father Heinrich who was not only still alive but living in the home of Victor’s early childhood.

What do you think? I have never met these people, but I have caught a glimpse of the events of their lives from the records left behind. Now that I have written this story in honor of Robert and Adeline’s upcoming wedding anniversary, what story can you write?

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