RootsTech 2019 Ambassador Dinner

RootsTech 2019 took place in Salt Lake City, Utah from 27 February to 2 March. The Family History Fanatics served as Ambassadors and this year we attended the pre-conference Ambassador Dinner.

The RootsTech Ambassador’s Dinner

Once again, I served RootsTech as an Ambassador. This year Andy and I could attend the Ambassador dinner to visit with our colleagues and fellow media types. Following the challenges of traveling, this night made the difficulties fade in my memory.

Media Dinner Dessert.

The dinner was delicious but the dessert was extraordinary!

For those who don’t have the opportunity to see the speaker and vendor side of conferences, do know that the community that seeks to serve you cares deeply about each other?  Many friends worked their way to me, considering my reduced mobility, which made this gal feel special. They asked about my recovery, offered hugs, and celebrated how far I have come since October.

While hugging friends, I quickly learned that I can’t be as enthusiastic as I wish. When I lean in for a hug and then attempted to step back, I would lose my balance. I had to stop no stepping back!!!

Pic 1: James Tanner with Devon Noel Lee. Pic 2: Lisa Lisson, Cheri Passey, and Devon Noel Lee. Pic 3: Jenny Hawran, Sue McNelly, Devon Noel Lee, and Lisa Lisson. Pic 4: Peggy Lauritzen with Devon Noel Lee. Pic 5: Sam Williams and Andy Lee

The night did not revolve around me. I chatted with a friend who has her own health issues and compared canes. Another friend started a new job at a well-known archive. She gave me an update on how things were going. The conversations in this vein continued and emphasized the theme of the RootsTech Conference – “Connect. Belong.”

Devon Noel Lee, Jason Hewlett and Lisa Lisson

Devon Noel Lee, Jason Hewlett and Lisa Lisson

During dinner, Jason Hewlett entertained us with a few renditions of popular songs, my favorite was “Staying Alive” which I shared on Twitter.

@jasonhewlett entertains us at #RootsTech — Family History Fanatics (@FHFanatics) February 27, 2019

We also watched one of the finalists for the RootsTech Film Festival.

Jason Hewlett also walked us through the new features on FamilySearch for discovering more about yourself and your potential Relatives at RootsTech

Relatives at RootsTech

Check out my Relatives at RootsTech. I’m on Jessica Taylor’s, founder of Legacy Tree Genealogist, list. Her cool view shows her which line. That’s a new-to-me line through my biological great-grandpa.

On my device, I have Brent Summerhayes, who I’m not sure why his name stands out. I also have the amazing Crista Cowan, The Barefoot Genealogist. Sadly, the line to Crista is suspect once we climb my Marvin line into Connecticut and then hope to a strange branch in the 1600s (no longer Marvin). I’m not sure how valid that relationship is.

How common is your name?

I’m not sure what records are being consulted but there should be more Geiszlers floating around. My brother, my nephew, a few 2nd and 3rd cousins. The Geiszler in North Dakota would be displeased to know they don’t count.

Who do you most resemble?

Well, that’s sad. I look like the men on my tree, not the women. Should I be worried?

The games were funny and fun. Some still need validity while others need to do some explaining! However, if you want fun party games, the FamilySearch app has you covered.

Ambassadors at the Media Dinner

Ambassadors at the Media Dinner, except the Family History Fanatics

When the dinner ended, my leg began yelling at me and Andy had enough energy to push me back to the hotel. We headed out before the group Ambassador picture, which was disappointing. However, my one-on-one photos are personal favorites.

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