RootsTech 2019 Video Compendium

Revisiting RootsTech 2019 through videos evokes tremendous memories and excitement for what lies ahead. Therefore, I keep searching YouTube for folks who have shared their RootsTech recaps on the platform and I’ve added them to this Compendium.

I’ve attempted to link to all of the YouTube videos from the RootsTech 2019 Conference in Salt Lake City (held 27 February to 2 March 2019). Should you find additional videos, let me know so that I can add them to the list. (The list is in alphabetical order by Channel Name, with the exception of ours being first.)

Family History Fanatics

  1. A Journey to Belonging Through Family History -- RootsTech Film Fest

  2. Creative Ways to Showcase Genealogy In Your Home -- RootsTech Expo Hall

  3. Cool Family Tree Wall Charts to Showcase Complex Trees or Military History

  4. YouTube: A Library of Learning and Family Bonding (Recorded Lecture -- 55 minutes)

  5. RootsTech Film Fest Playlist (for ease of binge-watching)

  6. New Features on MyHeritage -- Interview with Ran Snir at RootsTech 2019

  7. Three New Features on -- Interview with John Ericksen at RootsTech


  1. RootsTech 2019 Address From Ancestry CEO Margo Georgiadis

AAHGS, Inc. -- Media

  1. AAHGS RootsTech Luncheon 2019


  1. Road to RootsTech (Playlist)

  2. RootsTech 2019 Kickoff Video

  3. Watch the RootsTech 2019 Free Live Stream -- Wednesday (10 hours)

  4. RootsTech 2019 Wednesday Day in Review

  5. RootsTech 2019 Thursday Day in Review

  6. RootsTech 2019 Friday Day in Review

  7. Watch the RootsTech 2019 Free Live Stream -- Saturday (9 hours)


  1. Jill Ball interviews Tabea Naeder at Rootstech 2019

  2. Jill Ball chats with Melanie Dunstan at Rootstech 2019

  3. Jill Ball chats with Valerie and Ruth at Rootstech 2019

  4. Jill Ball interviews Laura Hedgecock from Geneabloggers

  5. Jill Ball chats with Diane Loosle at Rootstech 2019

  6. Jill Ball chats with Audrey Collins at Rootstech 2019


  1. RootsTech 2019 Interviews -- Roberta Estes of DNA Explained

  2. RootsTech 2019 Interviews -- Jonny Perl of DNA Painter

  3. RootsTech 2019 Interviews -- D. Brenton Simons of American Ancestors by NEHGS

Heredis Genealogie

  1. Rootstech 2019: Heredis goes to Rootstech Day 1

  2. Rootstech 2019: Heredis goes to Rootstech Day 2

  3. Rootstech 2019: Heredis goes to Rootstech Day 3

  4. Rootstech 2019: Heredis goes to Rootstech Day 4 part 1

  5. Rootstech 2019: Heredis goes to Rootstech Day 4 part 2

Journey Through the Generations

  1. RootsTech 2019 Day 1 Review

  2. RootsTech 2019 | Day 2 and 3 Recap

Kevin Borland

  1. Kevin’s Applied Genetics Ep 19: Deconstructing RootsTech


  1. Big RootsTech Payoff!

  2. RootsTech Black History Month When Records Don’t Exist

Legacy Tree Genealogists

  1. Legacy Tree Live DNA Q&A -- At RootsTech!

Lynn Broderick

  1. The Edge Effect at RootsTech 2019

  2. Welcome to RootsTech! with Jason Hewlett, MC


  1. RootsTech SLC 2019

Paul Howse

  1. Steve Rockwood talks about FamilySearch and RootsTech

  2. David Rencher talks about the Family History Library and RootsTech

Pictures and Stories

  1. From Mountains to Megabytes: Organizing and Archiving Your Stuff RootsTech2019 Alison Taylor


  1. Rememberize RootsTech 2019

Sharn White

  1. Rootstech 2019 Day 1

  2. Interviewing Nick BARRATT of Who Do You Think You Are at Rootstech

Kid Channels That Went to RootsTech

A Ray of Shay

  1. Discovery Day 2019 at Roots Tech

  2. Discovery Day 2019 & Trying Japanese Treats


  1. Meeting JK Studios at Roots Tech 2019

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