Using YouTube to Make RootsTech Connect Playlists

How to create RootsTech Playlists on YouTube

With over 1,000 videos for our viewing pleasure on the RootsTech website, most participants find the volume of content overwhelming. Using YouTube, the website hosting most of the videos in the unlisted format, you can create playlists to access videos you want to watch without navigating to the FamilySearch supported website.

Finding Videos on RootsTech to Watch

Did you know that many #RootsTechConnect videos are publicly already on YouTube?

Navigate to the FamilySearch YouTube channel and add these videos and the main stage to a playlist on YouTube. As more videos switch from unlisted to public viewing, you can add your videos to your playlist to watch later.

On the website, you can click on Sessions or Guide Me in the top menu or search for a specific person from the Speaker's Page.

Find a topic of interest and navigate to the video viewing page. Here's a link to Andy's session Bring Your Genealogical Society into the 21st Century.

Create a RootsTech Playlist Using YouTube

Easily access RootsTech videos from YouTube after creating a playlist from the conference website.

While you can create a playlist and leave it on the RootsTech website, if you're like me, a few weeks from now, you're going to forget all about the conference.

However, I'm on YouTube all the time, being entertained by music from Penn Holderness or Peter Hollens, or learning something from Desiree Martinez about becoming a better social media marketer. Chances are, I will watch the videos this next year if they are in a playlist over on YouTube.

Here are the steps to create either just a Watch Later page or a few playlists. Keep scrolling to find my "Jump Start" Playlists to get you started.

screen shot of RootsTech Session with watch later button circled

Save to YouTube Watch Later

Making a Watch Later Playlist full of RootsTech videos is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

  1. Before you can save to YouTube, you first need a YouTube account. This doesn't mean that you need a YouTube channel, only that you can watch videos and create playlists, and interact with videos.

  2. Then, you need to have logged into YouTube and not logged out, even if you do not have YouTube open in a browser window.

  3. Then, you navigate to the RootsTech Connect website and find a video that looks promising.

  4. Hover over the video.

  5. As indicated in the image above, you'll see a "Watch Later" option at the top right corner.

  6. Click on that link.

  7. You'll then see a checkmark above the words Watch Later.

If a video doesn't have the watch later option at the top of the video when you hover, it is restricted to the RootsTech platform. In that case, watch it now.

RootsTech Connect Playlist on Youtube

You now have a Watch Later Playlist similar to this one for your viewing pleasure. Yay!

screen shot to remove a video from the YouTube playlist

After you watch the video, YouTube will put "Watched" across the bottom of the image. Then, you can remove the videos from your watch list by clicking on hovering over the video and finding the three dots that appear to the right of the title.

Then you'll see a prompt that says, "Remove from Watch later."

You also have the option to rearrange your list by using the Move to top or move to the bottom.

Organize Your RootsTech Videos Into Playlists

Many attendees have created playlists of 200 videos out of the 1,000+ for RootsTechConnect. Your Watch Later can become overwhelming, so why not create playlists from the watch later list?

From the "Watch later" playlist, hover over the title of a video to see the dots on the right side, as shown in the image below.

accessing the add to playlist feature on YouTube

When you click on those dots, you'll see the same pop as you did if you want to remove the video from your watch list.

YouTube playlist screen shot

This time, you'll click on "Save to playlist."

Screenshot of YouTube Playlist creation list

You'll have a pop-up screen where you can click "+ Create new playlist" and create custom playlists. Once you have a few playlist categories, like the ones I created above, you'll simply click on the playlist to which you want to save the video.

I also uncheck the "Watch later" box and refresher my watch later page. This reduces what's in watch later and puts all of the videos into categories.

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Do I need to create playlists instead of the Watch later list?

That depends entirely on you. For me, I created organized playlists so that I could share them with you. If you don't want to take that extra step, you do not need to.

While I create many playlists, I didn't save every possible video to each category. However, I wanted to share some organized playlists for your viewing pleasure.

African American Genealogy Playlist of RootsTech Videos

By clicking on the icon, as shown above, you can save my entire playlist. You can't modify it if you choose this option, but the list will be available in the side panel of your YouTube home page.

Where to find YouTube playlists

Or, you can hover over the videos in the following playlists and save them to your own playlists using the "Organize into Playlist" steps shared above.

To access a printed schedule in English, check out this PDF.

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