Starting Simply in Genealogy

Are you ready to begin finding your ancestors? Great! Welcome to the club. But I have a feeling that your new journey will stop short if you bite off more than you can chew.

Each New Year, people make resolutions to change their ways and get fit. They’ll purchase a gym membership and a new workout outfit. Within two months, the gyms are less crowded because the New Year’s Resolutions were too big for the person who set the goals.

Genealogy research is no different.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Don’t set out to solve the 100-year-old mystery of who your 10th great grandfather is. Instead, set a simple, achievable goal.

A simple goal could be to:

There are many other simple things you can do to work on your family history. I’ll share them in future blog posts. The key is to start simple and you’ll accomplish much more.

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Have you ever started a genealogy project bigger than you’re capable of? What did you do? Tell us in the comment section below.

How do you keep your goals simple? I suggest people “Begin With the End in Mind” and made a video about that. Check it out at this link.

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