Backgrounds for Photographing Family Treasures

Family History Treasure on black background

Photographing a family treasure is great. Doing it in a way to make the object look amazing is awesome, and simpler than you might think.

You just have to pay attention to your background choice when photographing an object.

Boy scout slide on white background

I propped up this neckerchief slide inside a lightbox. To do this, I placed a piece of fiberfill in the box and then covered it with a white cloth. I put the slide in front of the cloth so it could lean against the soft support.

This looks really nice. However, I really want the white slide to stand out from the background. White on white rarely has the contrast necessary to pop the object. So, I decided to try the high contrast of a black backdrop.

Boy scout slide on black background

I LOVE it. Sure, I could have created some sort of prop, but to me, I like the contrast of the white object on the black background.

When deciding which background to use, I don’t have a hard and fast rule. I do know that it depends on a) your particular taste and b) how much contrast you want. A colored background can be used to set a mood or tell a story (such as a red background to represent a sorority’s colors).

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Play around and experiment. I am so glad I learned about playing around with the camera settings in the lesson from my friend regarding the trophies. I see how it is starting to pay off

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