Overcoming Common Genealogy Challenges 

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Genealogy research rarely has simple strategies and answers. Discover strategies from four talented genealogists, that can help you tackle some of your most difficult family tree climbing challenges.  These challenges include searching for missing persons, finding answers when the county courthouse burned, and researching in British records when you can't travel to do so. You'll also learn how to develop genealogy research plans and tools to keep the process organized for your discoveries.


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Devon Noel Lee
Michael W. McCormick

Join in an engaging virtual conference where the emphasis is on interactivity and learning about genealogy research and writing!


You'll SEE the difference in this conference as your presenters will open the live chat throughout their sessions and turn on their cameras!

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After four hours of instruction, the speakers will convene for a final panel discussion to answer questions not finished during the webinars. You can also ask any additional "off topic" questions for all presenters.

As part of the panel discussion, the research and writing experts will compete to see who is the most knowledgeable.

Who do you think will win?

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Scenes from past eConferences. See the difference! Presenters onscreen and a fun panel discussion after four hours of learning.

Meet Your Presenters

British Bonanza! Exploring England’s Records from Home

Are you hoping to finally make that connection back to the British Isles? Researching long-distance can seem overwhelming, but with a few simple steps and some good background knowledge, a lot can be accomplished. Let's explore British records together!


Jen Baldwin has been working in the realm of professional genealogy since 2010 but has been pursuing her family history since she was ten years old, enjoying her grandmother's stories - and her cookies. She is currently the North American Content Manager and Global Ambassador Program Lead for Findmypast.


Jen lectures, writes, and consults on a variety of genealogy-related topics, and was part of the research team for Genealogy Roadshow, season two on PBS. She is the author of course materials for the National Institute of Genealogical Studies and numerous Legacy QuickGuides. She is excited to discover unique resources that allow for a different perspective of genealogical research.

Yikes! How Am I Going to Keep My Genealogy Research  Organized for Difficult Questions?


Difficult genealogy research questions require a sound organizational system so you don't miss critical clues to solve your case. Learn the best way to organize and analyze your challenging genealogy research questions.

Devon Noel Lee
Family History Fanatics

Author, Speaker, and Family Historian. Devon Noel Lee specializes in preserving and sharing family memories and motivating budding genealogists. She has published over 60 books, including a memoir and four family history how-to books, including the popular A Recipe for Writing Family History. With over 20 years experience in genealogy, Devon is a high energy speaker who educates and inspires the genealogy world weekly through videos at FamilyHistoryFanatics.com.


This former beauty queen reported on pageant news for 16 years. She’s a Texas Aggie with degrees in Marketing and Journalism. Currently, Devon is a home educator for five superheroes.

 Oh No! The Courthouse Burned!  Finding Your Ancestors When Courthouse Records Were Lost


Performing genealogy research in a "burned county" requires thinking outside of the box.  Explore strategies and resources for researching your ancestors when traditional genealogical records were destroyed.


As a genealogy researcher and creator of the "Are You My Cousin?" blog, Lisa Lisson takes the overwhelm out of genealogy research and keeps researchers moving forward finding their ancestors. Whether researching ancestors alongside clients or writing how-to articles and books, Lisa uses her 12 years of research experience to help others build a solid research plan, find the needed genealogy records, and get the most out of those resources.


When not working with clients or writing genealogy articles, Lisa can be found pursuing her passion for  running, traveling with her husband or simply enjoying time with her two adult children.

Forensic Genealogy, Unclaimed Inheritances, and Missing Persons


Learn about forensic genealogy, an exciting and unique form of genealogy research, from someone who does it for a living. Discover the answers to these questions: What is forensic genealogy? Why is there a need for it? Learn the skills of a forensic genealogist, including finding living individuals.

Michael W. McCormick, AG®, MS

Michael W. McCormick, Accredited Genealogist® started out as a young man with the genealogy bug. He now works in the field of forensic genealogy for a probate research firm. Michael is a Public History PhD student, holds a Master of Science degree in Genealogical, Palaeographic & Heraldic Studies from the University of Strathclyde, and recently worked as an online adjunct for BYU-Idaho's associate's degree in Family History Research.


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