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    • US Census Records - How to Research on FamilySearch and Ancestry

      US Census records are readily available on a number of websites, including Ancestry and Family Search. Discover the process for finding the runaway debutante on FamilySearch and Ancestry. Ancestry, FindMyPast, MyHeritage, and FamilySearch use different search technology, and you can find an ancestor easily in one database and not the other. ↪️ Are you looking for more genealogy resources? Researching Ancestry US Census Record Collections Use Google to search for “Ancestry US Census Records” to quickly navigate to the collection Typically you would use the card catalog, but his hack saves me a ton of time when trying to quickly access a specific record. Ancestry attempts to give you even more record hints based on the ones you find.

    • Ancestry Tips: A Trick To Link Photos to Events in Your Family Tree

      Have you ever wondered how to link media to an event on Typically, individuals share photos in the Ancestry media gallery. How To Link Media to a Specific Event on Ancestry Once you have a digital image in your Ancestry gallery, you can then link that media to a specific event on your Ancestry fact timeline. Ancestry will automatically save your changes. Review the following blogs and videos for more tips about Ancestry Hints -- How to Accept Clues While Doing Genealogy Research Discover the Basics of Using Ancestry ThruLines with your DNA Matches A playlist of Ancestry Tips and Trick videos Read More Articles About #Ancestryresearchtips #onlinegenealogy

    • Ancestry Hints - How to Accept Clues While Doing Genealogy Research

      When using to research your family tree, should you accept the record hints? How do you decide if a record hint on Ancestry is accurate? Where can you find record hints on Ancestry? Should You Believe the Ancestry Record Hints? Check out these additional resources for more research and tips.

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