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  • The Value of Comparing Two DNA Kits on GEDmatch Genesis

    Discover the changes that occur when you match cousins of a known common ancestor, a parent-child, and With DNA, we can actually see how people might be related to us as far as which families or common ancestors This post talks about a tool that can help you filter if you know the common ancestor you share with great-grandparents they descend from, you can start to classify your matches of people related through your common ancestors segment that my cousin shares with this match even though we’re all related through the same common ancestor

  • How to Write Family Story About a Large Family When Someone Dies

    Adding family context at the time on an ancestor’s death makes for adds setting, tension, and mood. But how do write about an ancestor the time an ancestor dies when they have a large family? ancestor passed away. How do I write about a large family at the time of an ancestor’s death? Then you could write about the ancestor’s cause of death and where they are buried.

  • How Do You Define - What is Family History?

    break it down into bite-sized pieces and show you how easy and fulfilling it can be to delve into your ancestors

  • Choose a Color Scheme for a Whole Heritage Scrapbook Project

    If you need to, borrow this color palette for your heritage scrapbook for a female ancestor.

  • Why Should You Add Historical Context To Your Writing?

    Do your dead ancestors have nothing worth writing about? Many of us cannot describe the landscape, sounds, and seasons pertaining to our ancestors. Imagine if your ancestor was living in England when Napolean escaped from Elba. Our ancestors lived on Earth at a time and a place. Would your ancestor be involved in these cultural fads or be impacted by them?

  • Improve Your Family History With These Passive Voice Checkers

    Best Reason to Share a Proof Copy of Your Family History Stop Repeating Your Ancestor's Names in Family

  • Avoid These Mistakes When Analyzing a Family Legend

    A family legend and an internment record point to the origin of my Townley ancestor who settled in Cincinnati In my Geiszler line, a handwritten paragraph details the demise of my German immigrant ancestor. My German ancestor died in Ohio as a 30 something with a young family. These records can build a foundation of evidentiary support for an ancestor, but they are not the end Grab your copy of this FREE Beginner Guide: HOW DOES THIS IMPACT MY TOWNLEY LEGEND My Townley ancestors

  • What Voice Should I Use When I Write Family Histories?

    In fact, when an editor reviews the rough drafts of my narratives for ancestors, passive voice is my This allows for their thoughts, impressions, and explanations regarding the ancestor's choices and actions When the writer refers to the ancestor or the individuals that interact with this relative, they’ll use

  • How to Organize Genealogy Discoveries and Training Using Pinterest

    Templates -- Check Lists Genealogy Research Tips & Resources -- Research Methods -- Researching Female Ancestors Documents -- Downsizing Family History Sharing Family History -- Tips for Sharing Family History -- Ancestors

  • 3 Pro Writing Tips DRAMATICALLY Changed My Family History

    For instance, in my book about my immigrant ancestor, I wrote a chapter on the possible routes he could

  • Where to Add Source Citations to Your Family History Book

    general audiences, your family history should do one thing: Allow your family to enjoy the story of their ancestors For more family history writing tips: How To Describe Your Ancestor's Physical Appearance Should I Include

  • Become a Better Genealogist By Reviewing What You Know

    Sometimes you’ll have letters in which individuals who could qualify as a quality informant about your ancestor Does a genealogy record exist for your ancestor? What Has Been Done on Your Family Tree? How do I track down a birth date for an ancestor? 5 Steps to Research Someone You Know Little About

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