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Getting Started With Simple Genealogy Goals

Updated 23 January 2021

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To avoid a sense of overwhelm while starting to climb your family tree, might I suggest that you slow down and start with simple genealogy goals?

If you're like many people, you start a project with grand and great ambitions, but you soon realize they are too big for you to handle.

In family history research, this happens ALL the time. Often people will not finish their legacy journey because they've bitten off more than they can chew.

Instead, reimagine family history and find something simple that you can do to capture and preserve your legacy.

Acknowledge Your Strengths

In the post, What is your genealogy superpower? I review several skills that genealogists have, from analytical, interviewing, reading, to being skeptical. Knowing what you're talents are, you can set achievable goals.

Let's say you're genealogy superpower is curiosity. What simple goals could you set?

Notice that these goals are actionable and focus on a small task, rather than tracing your ancestry back to Adam or writing a family history covering nine generations.

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Considering Organizing Before Tree Climbing

Many beginning genealogists have access to photos, documents, and files recording their relatives' lives, particularly the most recent ones.

One of the first steps to having success in genealogy research involves starting with what you know. Consider for a moment, how will you know what you know if your home sources are disorganized?

A few simple genealogy organization goals include:

Get Help

Beginning genealogists have a lot of questions and need for education and training. Set simple goals to get the help you need.

There are many other simple things you can do to work on your family history. I’ll share them in future blog posts. The key is to start simple, and you’ll accomplish much more.

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