A Summer of DNA eConference

August 15, 2020

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Understanding DNA Test Results Has Never Been
So Much Fun

Difficult genealogy questions require the patience for and the use of strategies and tools made especially for inquiring minds. Once you have your DNA match results, discover how you can make the most of the information to move closer to finding the answers to your most challenging family tree questions. 

While these techniques and tools seem overwhelming, four genetic genealogists help simplify the research process in this online genetic genealogy conference.


See and interact with these genealogy experts throughout the event, during their live sessions, during breaks, and via a final “Ask Us Anything” Q&A Panel Discussion. 


Explore your DNA with confidence, using the best tips and tricks from these experienced genealogists.

Featuring the Following Speakers

Join in an engaging virtual conference where the emphasis is on interactivity and learning about genetic genealogy!


You'll SEE the difference in this conference as your presenters will open the live chat throughout their sessions and turn on their cameras!

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Which presenter will win the
"Genealogy Unscripted" challenge?

After four hours of instruction, the speakers will convene for a final panel discussion to answer questions not finished during the webinars. You can also ask any additional "off topic" questions for all presenters.

As part of the panel discussion, the DNA experts will compete to see who is the most knowledgeable?

Who do you think will win?

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Scenes from past eConferences. See the difference! Presenters onscreen and a fun panel discussion after four hours of learning.

Kevin Borland

Mathematically Reconstruct DNA kits for Your Ancestors      

Attendees receive an orientation with respect to the tools offered by Borland Genetics with which they can mathematically reconstruct DNA kits for their ancestors.

Kevin Borland is the President and founder of Borland Genetics, Inc., a company that creates software tools, most notably the flagship product  “Borland Genetics Web Tools and Database.” Kevin holds a BS in Physics from MIT and has been applying his mathematics and computer training to developing genetic genealogy technology since 2013. He is also an attorney and alumnus of both Rutgers University School of Law (JD) and Vermont Law School (LLM). Kevin is originally from Jersey City, New Jersey, but currently lives in central Florida, and Arlington, Virginia, seasonally. When not  developing DNA tools, Kevin enjoys producing music at his Florida studio.

Debra Renard

DNA Methodology for Unknown Parentage Research

Whether circumstances involve adoption, uncertain paternity, or a surprising test result, there is a methodology to follow when working with the seeker’s DNA test results.

Debra Smith Renard is a DNA Team Researcher with Legacy Tree  Genealogists. She is co-leader of the Louisville, Kentucky, Genetic Genealogy Special Interest Group, and a board member of the Louisville Genealogical Society. Debra speaks at the local, regional, and national levels and is especially passionate about helping those with unknown birth families find their roots.

Evert-Jan Blom

Clustering your DNA matches using Genetic Affair


Autosomal DNA match information is often presented in the form of large lists. Analyzing those large lists can be challenging and quite time-consuming. One of the methods we can employ to analyze our matches is by using shared matches to group together DNA matches. Quite often the members of a cluster descend from a common ancestor.


Clustering together DNA Matches can, therefore, be very helpful in shedding light on the relationship paths that connect you and your matches. For this purpose, we developed the AutoCluster tool that is able to automatically organize your DNA matches. In addition, by reviewing family trees of clustered matches, we can sometimes even reconstruct branches of the trees underlying the clusters.


Join us as we explore the capabilities of clustering your matches as well as other related tools by using Genetic Affairs. 

Evert-Jan Blom is the creator of Genetic Affairs. He lives in the Netherlands near Arnhem with his wife and their three sons and daughter. His professional background lies in Biology. He did his MSc and Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics with a strong focus on Bioinformatics. During the day he works as a scientist in an Ag Biotech company in the Netherlands. At night, he develops methods to support genetic genealogists to analyze their DNA matches and trees.

Andy Lee

An Introduction to GEDmatch Tier 1 Tools


GEDmatch is a powerful tool to compare your DNA test with those from FamilyTreeDNA, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage DNA, and 23andMe. You can dive deep into your genes using the Tier 1 Tools, but first, you have to learn how to use them.

Andy has been called the "Gordon Ramsey of genealogy, without the swearing" for his entertaining lecture style that simplifies the complex.


As a member of Toastmaster’s International, Andy has achieved the status of Competent Communicator and has won several storytelling contests. He has given presentations throughout the US and Canada to professional organizations, university classes, local genealogy societies, family history conferences, and Boy Scout organizations. Andy's topics range beyond genealogy to include engineering, problem-solving, finances, business building and emergency preparedness.  


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