Using Ancestry

3 Tips for Using Ancestry

Ancestry is one of the most popular genealogy websites around, and many people start their research there. If you decide to find out about your ancestry through this avenue, these tips can help.

Start Free

While there are a lot of subscriber options and other paid services linked to Ancestry, there is actually a wealth of free information as well. You can look up names, dates of birth, and places an ancestor might have resided to get some information on them.

You can then take any free information you get and use it to search Census and immigration records, and other free online collections. You can also upload your family tree to discover if there are any hints available for you.

Learn From Others

You can search other family trees for information containing ancestors you are searching for. Just as your family tree is not verified when you add it, other family trees aren’t either. Therefore, if you find information that seems helpful, you will need to do additional research to make sure it’s accurate.


There is always a chance that someone has found the information you are looking for and has shared it in different places. Using Ancestry message boards can help you find this information if it does, in fact, exist. You can piggyback off of their research to simplify your own.

When you want to find out about your ancestry, this is a great way to do it. offers many free and paid services that can help you find the information you need and desire.


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Using Ancestry