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Nathan Dylan Goodwin Released Two New Genealogy Mystery Novels
Andrew Lee
Nathan Dylan Goodwin released two new books prior to RootsTech 2019 and discusses them with Andy Lee of Family History Fanatics.
Hidden History of Homestead with Tammy Hepps
Discover the funny and fascinating stories of Homestead with Tammy Hepps, of Storylines. She's dynamic and entertaining and teaches you how to deep dive into your family history and the stories of your ancestors.
Phil & Bambi Tackle Genealogy - Family History Fanatics Live
Phil and Bambi
Prepare to laugh as genealogy know-it-all novices, Phil and Bambi, answer some of your most pressing Genealogy questions. Remember - don't be like Phil and Bambi.
Two Clueless Researchers Learn About Archives with Melissa Barker, The Archive Lady
Phil and Bambi
Prepare to laugh and learn right along with Phil and Bambi, the clues genealogy wonders, as they interview Melissa Barker, The Archive Lady. Learn how to research family history in archives and how to donate family treasures.
Genealogy Unscripted (Ep. 3) - Moments of Their Lives
Melissa Barker, Diane L Richard, Lisa Toth Salinas, Michael L Strauss, and Charlene Filipiak play guess that record and answer questions about archives.
Genealogy Unscripted (Ep. 2) - Finding Family Stories and Passing Them On
Panel Discussion from January eConference: Finding Family Stories and Passing Them On. With Andrew Lee, Eric Wells, Tammy Hepps, Vicki Woo and Randy Seaver
Genealogy Unscripted (Ep. 5) - Back to Research
Panel Discussion from September eConference: Back to Research. With Andrew Lee, Tammy Tipler-Priolo, Melanie McComb, Tessa Keough, and David Allen Lambert
Forget What You Have Been Told and Do Something
Andrew Lee
Records, databases, websites, GPS, citations, research logs and more. Genealogy can feel overwhelming when you are just beginning and a budding genealogist’s excitement may be quashed by all of the new things they are learning. Genealogy should be fun and you can discover ways to ensure you are having fun with your hobby.
Fisher of Extreme Genes
Devon Noel Lee
You listen to him on 48 radio stations or on-demand as he reminds you that "We're A Nice, Normal Family." Scott Fisher, the host of Extreme Genes, shares the origins of the Radio Roots Sleuth while at RootsTech 2017.
A Genealogy Crime Author - Nathan Dylan Goodwin
Caleb Lee
Sometimes, genealogy can be boring, and other times, it is a page-turning crime novel. Nathan combines genealogy with the mystery genre in his series. The genealogy is real, you can even lookup the records in the locations he references. But he uses his creativity to weave a page-turning tale of fiction that both mystery readers and genealogists will love.
How does knowing Family History Help Your Schooling
Lee Kids
Students who know about their family history perform better in school. How is that possible? The Family History Fanatic kids will tell you how genealogy improves their writing, geography skills, ability to read cursive, and even make money!
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