Writing Family History

The Gift of Writing Family History

When you find your family history, you should consider writing it down for others to read- especially your own family. Along with simply knowing about ancestors, these are a few ways writing family history can be a gift to present and future generations.

Bring History to Life

History is about so much more than facts, wars, and numbers. It is a story filled with human emotion, personality, and choices.

Think about it. Abraham Lincoln did not just wake up one day and decide that it was time to abolish slavery. There were things that led up to that decision- thoughts and feelings that told him that was the right thing to do. It is the thoughts and feelings of a person that encourages change, no matter how big or small that change seems.

Writing family history provides a way to bring history to life- to make it more than just the facts listed in a history book. It is easier to understand a war when you understand the human side of what happened- even if you don’t necessarily agree with the war itself.

Share Strong Characters

When you start to find your family history, you will likely run across some strong characters that you had no clue about. And those strong characters can provide encouragement and motivation for others in the family.

For instance, writing about a strong female character in your family line might help other girls in your family stand taller and fight for what they believe in. Or if you have a nephew that is “different” and feels down on himself, writing about an ancestor who was similar but did something great might help that young boy see that different doesn't mean you can’t be incredible.

Builds Confidence

When we don’t know where we come from, it can cause some self-esteem issues. It can leave you wondering who you are or like a piece of you is missing. By writing your family history, you can provide a sense of purpose and belonging to current and future generations that will give them more confidence.

Don’t put off writing your family history. Start your research today and get ready to share an amazing story about your genetic line.


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