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Genealogy Education With You in Mind

Discovering our family histories can be frustrating and challenging.


We share simplified and applicable instructions, so you strengthen your family by enthusiastically learning from your genealogical past.

We help you understand your DNA, climb your family tree, and write your ancestors' stories along the way.

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Genealogy Virtual Events
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Fun and Informative Genealogy Education

Since 2016, Andy and Devon Noel Lee have produced YouTube videos twice a week with regular live streams and exclusive premium content for channel members. We've generated videos with more than 4 million views in a small niche. The videos include how to use online genealogy websites like FamilySearch, MyHeritage, Ancestry, and Findmypast. Other videos explain how to research DNA matches on 23andMe, MyHeritage, Ancestry, and GEDmatch.

Additionally, we've managed educational and entertaining virtual conferences and workshops for the genetic genealogist, the intermediate genealogist, and the family history writer. That's not all. You can read one of our Amazon Best Selling books or review one of over 400 family history blog posts to make climbing your family tree easier.

Our philosophy is that if family history isn't fun, you're doing it wrong. We present family history education from one fanatic to another. In our community events, you are amongst friends, and no question is ever too silly to not receive an answer. Viewers' comments and suggestions are what generate the content we make.

If you aren't finding what you need to learn, then send us a video or blog suggestion.

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