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Organize Your Genealogy Files

Of the many ways to organize genealogy files, the best system accomplished a few goals.


The first requires you to organize your family history so you can quickly access your records and research. If you spend more than 5 minutes accessing your research, you need a new system. 

The second goal of organizing your genealogy research involves thinking about the future. Who will inherit your research? And will they understand your filing system without a user's manual? 


The final goal insists on downsizing your family history so that it is clutter-free. Horror stories abound of family members inheriting rooms full of genealogy research and throwing them out because the collection takes over the house. Organized and minimized genealogy files have an increased chance of surviving long into the future.


Take time to learn from the following genealogy research organization tips. Learn how to use genealogy software, organize paper files, downsize your family history, and more. If your family history is essential, prove it by organizing your files. 

Save your heritage by keeping less.

Discover guidelines for what to save from your family treasures and what to give to new homes.

Follow action plans that take you from downsizing overwhelm to peace no matter how long you have until you must decrease your household items and save your family legacy.

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