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A Beginner's Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy

Have you ever thought of or sought for the answers to the following questions? 

  • "Which is the best testing company for adoptees?"

  • "Why did I receive completely different ethnicity results when I uploaded my AncestryDNA results to GEDmatch and MyHeritage?"

  • "My brother and I sent our samples into AncestryDNA recently. We have the same biological parents, but our results were significantly different. Isn’t genetic testing no better than astrology?"

  • "On 23andMe in DNA relatives, a woman is my father's half-sister. He doesn't have a half-sister. What is going on?"

DNA Answers Book

Discover the answers to the most frequently asked DNA questions

☑ Learn the basics of genetic testing for genealogists in easy to understand language.

☑ Discover why ethnicity results have less importance for finding family members than DNA matches.

☑ Create an action plan for which test to take, which relative to test, and how to preserve your results.

☑ Understand how DNA doesn't like but doesn't tell the whole truth with your relationships.

Learn From Hundreds of Questions Asked on YouTube and at Conferences

Since 2017, Andrew Lee has shared his knowledge and love of DNA testing to help his genealogy research. He was interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle and the website features his tutorials. 

Andy attempts to answer every question submitted to him through the YouTube community and through direct emails whoever attended his highly-rated workshops and breakout sessions. In one year, he noticed repeating patterns in the types of questions asked.


Thus, the idea of compiling the questions and sharing his answers for beginning genetic genealogy followed.

Now you can build a solid foundation of DNA knowledge before you venture to take an intermediate class or workshop from Andy in the future.

A AndyLeeSm.jpg

Featured on the Genealogy Bargains

The genealogy bargain hunter, Thomas MacEntee praised Andy's book by saying: 


"If you have an interest in DNA testing, you’ll love this book . . . even if you’ve been working DNA result for some time now. Andy and Devon cover every possible question from the basics including DNA test accuracy, to the scientific covering SNPs, centimorgans, and segments. And there is also the occasional “bizarre” question such as whether 23andMe is owned by Google and more."

Thomas MacEntee recommends DNA Q&A Book
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