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Free Genealogy Guides 

Are you working on genealogy research? Download the following free guides to help you get started with genealogy research, understanding DNA, and writing family history books. The quick family history guides are written by the experts at Family History Fanatics, the most popular independent genealogy channel on YouTube.

Free Genealogy Research Guides

The above resources marked with an asterisk (*) will provide you a link to a Google Doc or Google Sheet file.

  • Click on the link in the email.

  • Click "File" in the Menu Bar

  • Select "Make a Copy"

  • Save the File to Google Drive or download it to your computer

BE ADVISED... most Google Sheets files have formulas that WILL NOT work in similar OpenOffice, Apple, or Windows programs. These have to be used in Google sheets.

If at any time you would like the assistance of an experienced heir hunter or forensic genealogist, check out our friends over at Legacy Tree Genealogists. and tell them Devon Noel Lee referred you.

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