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Kindle or Reignite Your Desire to Preserve Your Family History

If you have either lost your fire or are still trying to find the desire to engage in family history, then look no further than this "What To" book, in contrast to a "How To" do genealogy book. 

You'll discover many of the aspects of family history beyond completing a pedigree chart.


Choose the area where you can aid this family strengthening hobby the most.

You will learn why family should be fun, otherwise, you are doing it wrong. 

Book Cover for Reimagine Family History

Family history involves more than adding names and dates to a chart.

☑ Explore the discovery, organizing, recording, and sharing phases of family history.

☑ Grant yourself permission to do the things you most enjoy.

☑ Invite other family members to participate in the areas they most enjoy.

☑ As a family, accomplish more by changing your perspective and haring the load.

Don't discount your efforts

For 30 years, I have participated in family history. The journey began while I attended church classes as a youth. However, the tasks taught seemed so dull, difficult, and definitely not for me. Instead, I focused on what I enjoyed - story gathering and memory keeping.

Little did I know that those efforts contributed to the stockpile of stories I have preserved before I lost both parents and my last living grandparent to death in my mid-thirties. 

As internet genealogy took off, I began deep research and broke through brick walls my mother and grandmother only dreamed about. 

Whenever I lose the fire to do family history, I remember to re-envision what can be done and I always find something enjoyable to do. 

With this book, you can too.

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