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Need help with genealogy research, writing your family history, or understanding DNA results? Send your questions to Andy and Devon Noel Lee. They are here to assist you.

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Phone: 346-704-1433
Location: Los Alamos, NM

Twitter: @FHFanatics

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Why not make short and engaging genealogy tutorials on YouTube? 


At the time, few genealogy educators were using YouTube. Despite the preference for podcasts and blogs, Andy and Devon started producing videos twice weekly. 


They have expanded the schedule to offer regular live shows twice a month on Fridays. Additionally, channel members can access exclusive content each month and a deep archive of previously recorded webinars. 


Since 2016, Devon's crazy idea has amassed over 8 million views on Family History Fanatics! 


Family History Fanatics videos cater to beginner and intermediate-level researchers who want easy-to-understand instructions with extra tips not found elsewhere. During live events, Andy and Devon strive to create a friendly atmosphere where no question is too silly to ask.

Write Your Family History YouTube Channel

Starting a Second YouTube Channel


Devon launched a new YouTube channel in 2022 that focuses on writing family stories. The channel provides weekly tutorials and monthly webinars that are completely free. 

Are you tired of writing dull family histories? The Write Your Family History channel has you covered! 

Devon's step-by-step story development process will teach you how to write a rough draft quickly and turn it into a captivating tale. With her valuable tips and plan, you'll be able to edit and format your story to meet the needs of your audience. 

Need some inspiration? 


Follow a woman who wrote a rough draft of 120 ancestors in just one year and published 60 scrapbooks, one memoir, and two ancestral biographies. Let Devon help you achieve your writing goals!

Free EBook - Pass your history on

FREE eBooks available on Amazon Kindle.

Free eBook Preserve the Perishable

Our Promise to You

We believe that you deserve actionable information, a visual learning experience, and a few laughs along the way. We also believe that accuracy is important in genealogy research, but not at the expense of personal enjoyment and fulfillment. 

  • We promise to show you how to do genealogy step by step.

  • We promise to simplify the complex so you want to climb your family tree.

  • We promise to deliver you the best value in online education available.

  • We promise to encourage you to do that one thing in family history that brings you joy.

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