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5 Videos to Help You Understand Ancestry ThruLines

Snapshot of Ancestry ThruLines with prompt 5 video to help you understand thrulines

With Ancestry ThruLines, you can combine your DNA results with member trees to generate possible paths of relationships between you and your DNA matches. The following videos help explain this innovative yet confusing tool for your genealogy toolbox.

1. Ancestry ThruLine Basics

Discover how to access your ThruLines from your DNA Discovery Pages and your pedigree chart. Also, discover what you need to do before your Ancestry ThruLines begin to appear.

VIDEO: Ancestry ThruLines Basics

Watch this video on YouTube.

2. How Accurate Are AncestryDNA ThruLines?

In this video, you’ll learn what the Ancestry ThruLines are based on and then learn how to determine the accuracy of the suggestions.

VIDEO: Ancestry ThruLines Accuracy

Watch this video on YouTube.

3. What are the Benefits of Ancestry ThruLines?

Given the ‘negative’ light the previous video shined on the potential inaccuracies in the Ancestry ThruLines, this video discusses the benefits of the tool to help you determine how your DNA matches relate to each other and yourself.

VIDEO: Benefits of Ancestry ThruLines

Watch this video on YouTube.

4. Ancestry ThruLines’ Problem with Adoption and Illegitimate Children

As hinted at in the previous videos, ThruLines have problems differentiating between biological and non-biological relationships. For families that have adoptions and illegitimate relationships, you’ll want to watch this video to learn how to recognize the red flags in your ThruLine suggestions.

VIDEO: Ancestry ThruLines Doesn't work for adoptees

Watch this video on YouTube.

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5. Why do you have NO AncestryDNA ThruLines?

Some AncestryDNA users have not found any ThruLines. Could this be you? If so, discover what causes little to no ThruLines to appear in your family tree and how you might be able to resolve the problem.

VIDEO: Why you don't have Ancestry ThruLines

Watch this video on YouTube. has so many terrific tools to help you climb your family tree. Be sure to explore them with caution and always fall back on sound research principles for the most success.

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