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How to Transfer Your Family Tree Between Ancestry and FamilySearch

Transfer genealogy information between FamilySearch and Ancestry

Are you confused about how to transfer your information between two online trees, namely FamilySearch and Ancestry? You’re not alone and it’s time to talk about how to keep the trees somewhat compatible.

Terry wrote, “I’m a relative newcomer to this. I have some info stored on but want to transfer it to FamilySearch. How do I transfer only a few names at a time? I can do the whole tree but need help only doing part of it.”

In this video, I address how to transfer little bits of information between the two online tree programs.

VIDEO: How to transfer your family tree from FamilySearch to Ancestry

Watch this video on YouTube.

The Easy Way to Transfer Family Trees Between Ancestry and FamilySearch

For members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who have a Partner Access account with have it easy. Starting at 1:57 I begin discussing how members of The Church of Jesus Christ can quickly transfer information between the two trees.

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The Harder Way to Transfer Family Trees Between Ancestry and FamilySearch

For those who have a more robust Ancestry subscription and happen to be members of the aforementioned church or those not of that faith, there is NO EASY BUTTON.

At the 7:56 mark in this video, I address how to use RootsMagic to transfer information from FamilySearch to Ancestry or vice versa. It becomes easier AFTER you go through the hassle of choosing to transfer from Ancestry to FamilySearch first or the other way around.

For information about setting up RootsMagic to transfer files, check out this video with the programmer himself!

VIDEO: The challenging of syncing FamilySearch and Ancestry family trees

Watch this video on YouTube.

Thanks for the question, Terry. Hopefully, you’ll be able to start sharing information between your trees on Ancestry and over on FamilySearch with more ease.

Learn the steps that will simplify the process of transferring your genealogy data between FamilySearch and Ancestry using RootsMagic. #organization #genealogy #ancestors

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