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6 Helpful Books for Family Historians

Family historians love books, especially ones that help them understand DNA and capture and preserve memories. Discover six book titles that will better the lives of your genealogy loving friends (or yourself).

Reimagine Family History Book Cover - The one book that helps you fall in love with family history.

#1 Reimagine Family History

Forget what you’ve learned about genealogy and learn the greater vision of family history. By so doing, you’ll discover a specific part of the family-focused hobby that makes your heart sing. Not everyone is a tree climber or dusty book reader. Reimagine family history and preserve your legacy.

DNA Q&A: Real Questions from Real People Book Cover- Understand the fundamentals of genetic genealogy

#2 DNA Q&A: Real Questions From Real People About Genetic Genealogy

DNA doesn’t lie, but it doesn’t tell the whole truth. However, the truth genetic genealogy reveals causes more confusion than brick wall busting results. This book helps you understand the basics of DNA tests, test results, and relationships. You’ll also find a question (or two) you never thought to ask but appreciate the recorded answer.

Book cover for A Recipe for Writing Family History

#3 A Recipe For Writing Family History

Genealogists collect documents, photos, and historical context but struggle to turn these details into stories their relatives read with relish. Banish the boring books by following an easy recipe that walks you from the first simple sentence to a multiple-page manuscript in record time! (No creative writing skills required.)

Cover of Power Scrapbooking book

#4 Power Scrapbooking

If you have a mountain of family photos, memorabilia, and documents, it’s time you turn them into a photo book and tell the stories of your past and the lives of your ancestors. Power Scrapbooking teaches you an efficient method to go from photo to finished with speed.

Book cover for Family History  Scrapbooking Simplified

#5 Family History Scrapbooking Simplified

Discover how to tell a family history story in a scrapbook that focuses on one ancestor. Utilizing a life-story structure, you’ll make each ancestor the star of their own book for your children and extended family members to love.

Book cover for Downsizing With Family History in Mind

#6 Downsizing With Family History in Mind

When you are prepared, you shall not fear what happens to your family history. Plan ahead by learning how to downsize and preserve your legacy. If you’re faced with a downsizing challenge, then pick up this book RIGHT now for action plans and cheat sheets to guide you through the difficult process.

Where to Order these Books for Your Favorite Family Historians

All of these books are available in print or eBook versions through For autographed copies of these books, visit our website.

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