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Utilizing FindMyPast Tree-to-Tree Hints for Genealogy Research

Findmypast tree to tree hints to build a family tree

Tree-to-tree hints on FindMyPast are a new tool to help you to compare your tree with others. And although the ability to compare your trees with other researchers is not something new in genealogy, Findmypast has a different take on things.

In this video, I walk you through all the steps to access the Tree-To-Tree hints and explain the current limitations of these research suggestions.

Accessing Tree-To-Tree Hints

When you have opened up FindMyPast, after logging in, there’s a couple of ways you might be able to find these hints.

The first way is, it might appear as a prompt on the home page.

Screenshot of FindMyPast home page with tree-to-tree hint.

The second way is to access it from your family tree.

  1. Click on FAMILY TREE from the top menu.

  2. Click on VIEW ALL TREES in the drop-down menu.

  3. Then select a tree.

  4. From the family tree view, click on an individual with hints.

If the relative has a tree hint, you’ll find it with the tree icon, like the image below.

Sample tree-to-tree hint on FindMyPast

As you would expect in any tree-to-tree comparison option on online trees, on one side of the screen is the tree suggestion, and on the other side is the information from your family tree.

FindMyPast Tree-to-Tree Privacy Practices

The one thing that makes FindMyPast different is that they definitely emphasize privacy.

For you to see tree-to-tree hints, you have to share your deceased ancestors with others. You can allow this in the “Tree Settings” for each tree. (see image).

Screen shot of FindMyPast Tree Settings. Check mark beside "Share deceased ancestors."

Meanwhile, other FindMyPast subscribers must also allow the sharing of their deceased ancestors.

At the time of this filming, you can not see the sources and attached records for the member trees. You can also not view who created the family trees that are recommended as hints. (Read this post for more details about FindMyPast privacy and updates to Tree-To-Tree Hints.)

The current guidance from FindMyPast is to use the tree-to-tree hints as suggestions.

Video: Findmypast Tree-to-Tree Hints to Build a Family Tree

Watch this video on YouTube.

Accepting a FindMyPast Tree-to-Tree Hint

If the FindMyPast Tree tree-to-tree suggestions pan out, then accept it.

Screenshot of FindMyPast tree-to-tree hint acceptance screen.

To do this, click the “Yes, Next Step” button.

Then decide bit by bit which information you want to keep and which information to reject.

Avoid using the “Update All” option and review each bit of information.

You can:

  1. Add new information

  2. Add new people

  3. Replace information

  4. Edit information

  5. Make information an alternative

When you have processed all of the tree-to-tree information, click the “Save changes to tree” button to complete the step.

After you make these changes, FindMyPast starts looking for new records that might be valuable to your research.

Give it a try. You just might like it. Just be careful that you consider FindMyPast tree-to-tree hints as clues.

Screen capture of FindMyPast Tree-to-Tree Hints with the title Building Your Tree on FindMyPast

Continue Learning About FindMyPast

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