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11 Free Online Historical Maps Websites for Genealogy Research

Genealogy Research Map Resources

If genealogy is about time and place, then accessing maps is a must for serious researchers. Once you can see where your ancestor lived, you can understand how transportation technology and geographical features impacted decisions in their lives.

Frugal genealogists will love accessing maps online for FREE.

How to Find Maps For Genealogy Research

The fastest way to find maps for genealogy research involves "Googling it!"

Two search queries you'll want to try are:

  • “Historical maps [region/country]”

  • “Historical maps [regions/country] [year]”

Pro-Tip: You don't need to use quotation marks and brackets when you type in your search.

For example, you could try

  • Historical maps Baden, Germany

  • Historical maps Baden, German 1848

In the video, I share which URLs to follow for free maps that you find using Google. Quick hint: You might need to pass through Pinterest to access the maps.

Where To Find Free Online Historical Maps

Channel your inner cartographer and explorer by accessing these FREE online historical maps websites.

Video Tutorial: Finding free maps for genealogy

To see how to access these maps, watch this video.

More Places to Find Free Historical Maps Online

To Learn More About Maps for Genealogy Research

My colleagues have a wealth of tips about finding online maps, check out their blog posts below.

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