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9 Fantastic Google Chrome Extensions for Genealogists

Google Chrome Extensions for Genealogy Research

What's really great about having a Google account is that your extensions appear on any computer after you log into Chrome. If I'm using my aunt's computer in Ohio, at the local Family History library, or using one of the many computers in our home, I can access my extensions after I sign in. Perfect for a mobile lifestyle.

5 Go-To Chrome Extensions for Genealogy

  1. Grammarly - I LOVE Grammarly's extension. It makes it so that whether I'm typing posts and comments in Facebook genealogy groups, adding reason statements to FamilySearch, typing in emails on the services I use, or using Google Docs, I have the ability to edit my words. Some of these platforms have spellchecker but I can set my preferences for what audience I'm writing to using Grammarly.

  2. Dataminer - I use this tool to extract large quantities of data from databases. I've talked about how I use this tool in this video.

  3. Chrome Remote Desktop - Whenever Andy or I consult with a client, we use the Chrome Remote Desktop extension to access their workspaces. This way, they can share their screens but also, I can take control of their mouse to walk them through steps that are difficult to understand. If we're on the go and leave our laptops behind, we can also access our desktops from other locations.

  4. Pinterest Save Button - Pinterest is a great resource for saving blog posts, photos, articles, and more. Not every website makes it easy for your to pin something to your Pinterest board. Use this extension to make that process a whole lot easier.

  5. Disable Autoplay for YouTube - I use this extension when I'm searching on YouTube. When I find videos I want to watch, I open multiple tabs for these videos. I'll also open multiple tabs when I find videos using Google Search. This tool does not allow the video to play until I click play on the video in the tab. Trust me, this is a blessing!

For a demonstration of my favorite Google Extensions, watch this video.

4 Want to Try Chrome Extensions

  • WikiTree+ FHF Members told me this is definitely a must-use tool for WikiTree. Works with the WikiTree website in Edit mode and helps with editing templates, sources, bio, and more. If you saw my video about editing a profile on WikiTree, you'll know it was a little awkward and this tool is an attempt to make our lives easier.

  • Auto WikiTree Tables + Convert database content from FamilySearch, Ancestry, and Find A Grave into tables to use with WikiTree Profiles.

  • RootsClipper - Copy records from genealogy websites and save them to FamilySearch.

  • Easy Bib Toolbar - If you dislike creating source citations but want to cite your sources, then this might be a solution for you.

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3 Might Be Helpful for Others Extensions

I don't use these extensions because I have alternatives that work better. But they are useful to many researchers.

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