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A Simple Photo Timeline Layout for Heritage Scrapbook

Creating a page for a heritage album covering a lot of information in the least amount of space does not have to be daunting. This simple photo timeline might be exactly what you need for your genealogy scrapbook.

A heritage scrapbook album is a perfect place to keep photos, documents, and stories together while creating a family-friend gift for future generations. A timeline quickly shares the life events of a relative in chronological order.

This layout allows you to achieve both objectives with ease.

Gray and red timeline heritage scrapbook layout

How I Created This Timeline Scrapbook Layout

This simple genealogy scrapbook page converted a template with eight vertical photo spots into a horizontal timeline that spans two pages. Only one appears above.

  • Use the top four placeholders for photos of your ancestor.

  • Use the bottom four as text blocks instead of photos.

  • Use horizontal embellishments to create a visual line.

  • Use date tag embellishments instead of text to mark the decades.

Scrapbook Pro Tip: Scan or photograph original pictures for use in a scrapbook. Use a 600 dpi or higher resolution to reproduce the actual photograph to a 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 size.

When you scan your photos larger than what you need, you can then match the photo sizes for this page’s design.

More Heritage Scrapbook Layout Ideas

If you’re looking for a more challenging timeline layout, try this one inspired by a magazine layout.

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